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help would be nice / past or future

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I dated this girl a year and a half back or so, she was amazing, and i had liked her for almost a year...after dating about 3 months, we broke up, check that, i broke up with her, cause i did some soul searching...


recently, sh'e come back into my life...she has a boyfriend now, 7 months or so, but everyone that has talked to her is talking about how that's not gonna last much longer...


recently, i've been getting all these invitations from other girls, girls that normally i would date at will...except my mind seems to be stuck on jen (my-ex, mentioned above)...


we've spent a lot of time together in the past few months, kind of a revival of sorts...we've had campfires, and she's come to a few of them...i called her yesterday, didn't leave a message, and she called back and left a message, wondering when the next fire is and such...twice since then she hasn't been able to come...


my questions is, whats better...to hold on to the hope that we'll end up together in the near(ish) future, because i know that we would be perfect for eachother, and everyone else does too.....or.....to spend time with these other girls who are (almost) jumping to hang out/go on a date w/ me...


thanks in advance



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Why did you break up with her in the first place? I wouldn't necessarily listen to rumors or what people are saying about her relationship, and I would not interefere with her relationship (not that you're doing that, just thought I ought to say that). If she breaks up with him, who knows what will happen, but don't count on them breaking up. Date others.

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