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Hey guys!! Is this normal for male "Friend" behavi

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I am just looking for opinions on what is normal male "FRIEND" behavior...

I am trying to figure out what this guy wants from me.


If you were just friends with a girl, would you habitually call her when you were out with the guys, and then when you got home to talk at all hours of the night? Even when on vacation?


(This guy does he also talks about how he is going to meet all these chicks, but is on the phone with me all the time he is in the club!??)



Would you EVER do late night hang-ups to see what she was doing?


Would you ever call her from the shower?


How about alone time with her, would it consist of driving listening to music, and parking and talking until the wee hours of the morning? Mostly about deep/ intimatley close things.


I'm happy to hear any opinon, these are just some of the consistant behaviors I have been experiencing with a friend of mine, and Im wondering if other male- female friendships are like this one.

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I do have feelings for this guy. I have fallen for him over the past couple of years..


I think he knows how I feel about him and I am trying to analyze our relationship where it is to know if i should say anything about moving on to something more.


He has never been in a real relationship and neither have I. I think that the closeness between us is making both of us think about what will happen next. The only thing that scares me is that he is afraid of commitment. But on a brighter note, he just graduated college this past May, and is growing up more. This is just really confusing....

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It seems like he likes you. Of course, you can never be 100% sure unless you ask.


I think you should just hang out more and get to know him really well. See where things go. Would you maybe feel comfortable asking him about his feelings? If not now, then maybe sometime in the near future?

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Hi Maggie-


I dont think I could know him any better than I already do. The thing about him is that if I bring up how I feel before I think he is ready to hear it, I am afraid he will push me away and not deal with it right now.


We have kind of a strange history, I have posted about it in a different forum, I could post it here if you want to read it. The thing is, it is very long.


I appreciate your advice!

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