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Well here goes the story. About a month ago me and my now ex girlfriend got in a huge fight. some things were said on both ends that werent meant, but said out of anger. So we decided to take a break. that lasted about 2 weeks. We slowly but surely decided to get back together, and everything was perfect. Its like I was falling in love with her all over again. I asked her about our situation and she said we were together, and thats how she always wanted it. But that wasnt the case at all. Last saturday, we see eachother at the same bar. I spill my heart out to her, sober of course lol.... i tell her i wanna spend the rest of my life with her, i love her so much and i cant wait for the day that we get married. after telling her all of this she tells me that she needs to think and leaves. I was shocked, and confused. So after her being immature about the situation and just avoiding it i decided that i was gonna stop making the effort. I have done all i can. Last night we run into eachother at the same bar. She is hanging all over 3 other guys, and acting like i do not even exist. She walked right past me, looked me in the eye, and just kept walking. I was so mad, so hurt, so many things were going through my head. So I write her an email, since thats the only way i know to get a hold of her. I tell her that i dont ever wanna see her again, she has a lot of growing up to do and I am not gonna be just a convenience for her when she gets bored. She emails me back saying the harshest things. And all I can think is why? why is she doing this? why would she tell me all those things 2 weeks ago, and then tonight do this? I dont know what to do. I am done with her. BUt she crushed me. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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What was the fight about that caused you to break up?


It may be that you panicked her a little by coming on too strong after that fight.


I think you should e-mail, apologise for the way you wrote the last e-mail and tell her if she wants to talk with you about the relationship to call you.


If she does not call, then you should probably decide to let her go and move on.

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