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Struggling to not contact the ex after text!

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I have to admit that after her sending me a text last week saying "I think I still Love You" I am really struggling not to contact her and spill my heart out. She later apologised for sending the message saying she was drunk but I still cant help believing that she really does love me and is just scared.


Any Help much appreciated.



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She later apologised for sending the message saying she was drunk


People who've had too much to drink shouldn't be allowed near cellphones, text messaging devices, computers, land line phones or any other form of technology that allows them to contact people that aren't in the same room with them.


She was drunk. Don't allow yourself to entertain any thoughts about her motivation beyond that. You will only wind up harming yourself if you do.

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hmmm Simon I think I saw the message you wrote last week when it actually happened and remember the part where she withdrew her comment with an I was drunk excuse....sorry but has she contacted you again since? I know its hard but my advice would be hold it back for now. I know when u heart feels so much for someone it almost feels impossible not to contact them and pour it all out. Thing is in my experience this laways ended up making me fifty million times more heartbroken when the response was not what i was hoping. For now can I suggest you write all your feelings out in a letter to her....NOT TO SEND.....just to get it out unfettered. Then you can either rip it up or hide it somewhere to look back at in six months to see how far you have come.

I wish I could tell u something to make it better.

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I read your other thread...sounds like you already told her off...which she fully deserved. Sorry you're going through a tough time but try not to think about her and whether or not she was really drunk, or just scared etc. You will never know unless she comes out and tells you. Only she knows. She was playing with your feelings. Drunkenness is not an excuse for that...there is no excuse for that. Don't contact her because if you do she will likely play with your feelings more and leave you feeling worse than you do. She doesn't deserve to talk to you if she is going to be so inconsiderate about your emotions.

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