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wondering whats tried and true here ...

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I don't know where abouts your from but where I live they will give you a book on what foods are good for you and what foods you shouldn't eat. I think things like nuts and other common allergies are bad. There are also things you shouldn't drink like coke and fizzy drinks because of the damage they normally do to your body. See if your doctor can advise you on it because they are more thorough. Also they might be able to give you a herbal remedy to help.

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Morning sickness is a misnomer, you can have it any time during the day or evening.


Well, there is no "cure" for it, but for most women it goes away over the pregnancy...though some have it throughout.


Just like when you are sick, munching on plain foods (dry toast, saltines, ginger-ale, even some crushed/dried ginger) can help settle your stomach. If it is severe, there is a new prescription that can help with it for pregnant women. Do NOT take gravol or over the counter drugs/herbs for it though without consulting a doctor.


Other than that when you are feeling that way, just get lots of rest and take care of yourself. Try also getting some exercise such as walking or take some pre-natal yoga classes which can help boost energy levels.

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Peppermint tea! I absolutely swear by peppermint tea to help morning sickness.


Besides that, trying to eat small amounts of bland foods all day long and just giving it time is what seems to work best. Also, for some people pre-natal vitamins can be a source of an upset stomach. You can either take them at night, right before bed or ask your doc/midwife about taking Rainbow Light Prenatal's which are the same as the regular ones but you take 6 pills over the course of the day so your body has a bit of an easier time absorbing them.

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I sympathise with you. My partner had morning sickness pretty well 24 hours a day for the first 12 weeks.


Like RayKay said, for the majority of women it usually goes away after a period, quite suddenly and often around the time you move into the second trimester.


I don't think there are any 100% cures. Many people say some form of ginger helps (tablets, drink, added to food). The most common advice from obstetricians is to eat. Try having a couple of dried biscuits as soon as you wake up and then continue to graze throughout the day. It seems to be at its worst when you do not eat (which is difficult because of course it turns you off food)

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Don't do anything with ginger. Tea has caffeine in it. One of the best books to read is the following: What to Expect When Your're Expecting: In it, it say the following:


Eat a diet high inprotein and complex carhohydrates.


Drink plenty of Fluids


Double the Milk shakes


Fruit or vegetable; soups, broths, and bouillons


lettuce, melons, and citrus fruits

Take prenatal vitamin supplements ( do not take nay medications traditional or verbal unless prescribed by your doctors)


Aviod the sight, smell, and taste of food that makes u queasy.


Eat early and often before u feel hungry


hopes this help. Wish I could lend u the book, be thankful for morning sickness it is a sign that your baby is healthy. Take it from me, i know that it doesn't seem like a bless, but it is.

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