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Recently (as in, the past two months or so) I've been feeling really different. It's like i'm more moody than I was before, and little things that would usually pass even bother me now. I'm also even more emotional, I seem to cry more often than I did before, and sometimes I don't know why I feel this horrible. There are even moments when I wonder why I should even still be here...I'm really worried about these mood swings. When I hit the lows, I really hit rock bottom (even now, I'm crying) but then when I go out with a friend I just hit a big high. My family has even noticed this big change in my moods recently. Has anyone else experienced this?? what is this?

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I'm going through the same thing. I was diagnosed with a functional depression (there's an actual term used other than depression but that's what it means). Not sure what meds are recommended, probably the same ones used for depression but I'm going to find out.

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The sadness and hopelessness you're describing is definitely symptomatic of depression. However, based on the intensity of your mood swings, you could be looking at a bipolar type of disorder as well. Either way, you should not have to feel the way you do, and there is help available to you. I know it takes courage, but your doctor, as well as friends and family, are there to help you and can provide you with important information and resources. Just think of how grateful you will be that you took that leap and asked for help down the road, when you are happy and healthy again.

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The word "depression" carries a stigma with it- so I can see why you dont' like the term. There are different types of "depression" ranging from mild to severe, short-term to long-term.


It is human to feel "down" once in a while, when things don't go right, or you are experiencing a lot of stress. For instance if a loved on passes away, a person will naturally enter a "depression"


Has there been any events in the past 2 months that have been particularly stressful to bring on these feelings?


Sometimes people can feel down for no apparent reason (i.e. no event(s) take place to trigger the decline in mood).


Either way, you should definitely talk to someone about your feelings. Sometimes medical doctors aren't always the best ones to talk to because they are quick to hand out prescription drugs. (Some people benefit form medication, but sometimes I think docs hand it out like candy) The general docs mean well, but they do not have extensive training in this area as a counselor would to knwo the best course of treatment.



What is the most troubling about what you said is:



There are even moments when I wonder why I should even still be here


This is an indication that you might be feeling REALLY down and isolated.


If you family has noticed a change in you, maybe they are the first ones to consult for help. You might want to try active self-help methods or see a counselor as well if you do not feel any better soon.


I recently went through a period when I was down in the dumps mainly because a lot of things have been happening around me with my family and work. I posted abotu it on this site. I took the self-help approach and made a decision to stop being a sponge for other people's negativity. I feel a lot better now. I'll see if I can find the post in case you're interested in seeing what I did to overcome the moods/depression.



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Thank you all for your suggestions!


BellaDonna I feel exactly the same as you do towards doctors and how quick they are to prescribe some sort of drug to fix a problem. I guess that's why I hesitated to mention it to my doctor the other day. I don't want to be prescribed to medication and then have to deal with the side-effects afterwards, especially if I can do something about it without medication.


I read your post though about your experience and the ways to get through this "depression" without drugs mentioned by those who replied to you and I think I'm going to apply that advice to myself. I have been experiencing many things in my life the past two months (family, friends, my job) so I think I'm going to try to take a step back for a second and see what could be really wrong and how to solve it.


I was thinking of going to a counsellor, but I don't easily open up to people about my problems (i'm very secretive and don't trust people easily, blame it on being a scoprio i guess!). Are counsellors usually good though?

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Alright, posting in here again. I feel horrible, I'm now at the bottom of my mood swing, bottom bottom...


I think I figured it out: it's some of my "friends". They are like poison. I just can't get rid of them, it's horrible. I see everything they do as something against me, which is probably not true, but right now it looks truer than ever. It seems as though one of them is trying to rip my best friend and I apart and I can tell its working. And others, they just seem to be using me, and quite frankly I don't like being taken as a fool.


What can i do to fix this?

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