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I broke up with my ex two months ago (I think). As for the last couple of weeks she had been trying to contact me, she called on my phone and my cellphone but I never answered.

One day she called my parents, and they told her I was there, so I had to talk to her.


Well, she had couple of dumb questions about a new cellphone and that was it. We ended up talking for a couple of hours. Then, the next day, as we go to the same sports club, I met her on the morning. And we agreed to go "cellphone shopping" in the afternoon.


Well, bought her cellphone and then we went to take a coffee, and after that for a walk. It was nice, I can't deny, we were hugging as we used to...



Then the tuesday I ran into her at the sports club, and when I was leaving I asked her "when would you like to meet", she went nuts, "I don't want to get bakc to you, bla,bla,bla".


Wednesday, she sent me a txt message to invite me with her friends to take a drink, I refused.


Today I ran into her again. She told me that she wants me to be her friend, so I can hang out with her and her friends, and that she does not want to lose me...




She wants me to be her friend, a safety blanket or she wants to get back?

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That's hard to say. Sometimes if a woman is pretty straight up about being friends and she is saying, "no no ....don't want to get back together", then it seems to me that she just wants to be friends with you. And it sounds like to me she wants to have you in her life for possible future access although she currently just wants to be friends. So at this time, my guess is Yes, she wants you to remain in her life (whether its because she's used to you being there or because she wants you to be back up), but No, she does not want you back right now.

This is what I think, but you know her better than any of us, so maybe you can read between the lines more

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