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Ok....Ive been posting this awhile and I never got the answer I was lookinf for. I changed....Im not obsessive anymore over my ex Eddie. I know this becuase I havent been calling him and im in love with him i would do anything to be with him, and I dont want to lose him over drama like trust issues. I think i can trust him now. I really do. But the thing is what could I say to make him believe me....I know he wants to be with me...he told me....but its the thing he doesnt believe me....so how do i make him believe me


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You should probably move on. If it didn't work, then moving on is the only option. Don't talk call him, start no contact. Don't think about him, get new hobbies/goals that will keep you from thinking about him. You can't go on this way. Good luck and best wishes.

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I agree, sometimes (well a lot of the time) the answer you want isnt the right answer. If you ask 500 people the same question and you dismiss the 499 people who say what you don't want to hear, then why ask?


Now based on what you just posted, you arent obssessing, yet you say you would do anything, give anything, etc....which to me sounds like obssessing. Also you say this guy doesnt trust you, that's not up to you to sort out, if he doesnt trust you, thats his issue, not yours. Why beatyourself up over something which you ultimately have no control over. Without trust there is no relationship, because that is what relationships are built on.

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