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Really upset by his family

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They're certainly quick to axe me out, when he is the one who abused my son and brought the county into my house. God I'm just so angry right now. Here I am trying to make sure my daughter still has a good relationship with his family, and they can't so much as be civil!? People suck. I knew it was coming. I'm not an idiot. But I did at least expect some type of communication to remain. If they saw me stranded on the street, they would drive by rather than stop to help. Cruel. I knew all along they were fakey nice.

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what happened if I may ask? I'm sorry you are so angry/down right now, I hope you feel better.

yeah people like to fight too much, I hate fighting with people, I wish everyone on earth could just want peace.

everyone should turn into hippy's the light side, or the dark side dependign on how you look at it. then it would be peaceful.

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Thanks I know the post doesn't really make sense. It's just a cullmination of little things.


Although my now ex spent time with our daughter and his family last weekend for his sister's birthday, who now claims she told him not to marry me. Oh really I just remember her being really excited about being asked to be a bridesmaid. I've turned into this awful person suddenly!? Despite spending time together last weekend I said it was fine with me if they went over again today to celebrate Father's Day. Not even a thought about this being my 1st father's day without my own father, who passed in April. It's just taken for granted that I would allow the visit two weekends in a row. Then we have his parents telling him allowing me to list the house would be conflict of interest? Okay why is that? It is legal, it is ethical, and I think they just don't want me to get more of the cut than him. Okay it's better a stranger gets it!?


It's just the little things.

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blood has always been thicker then water. You cannot expect them to remain your family. They are his family. They have to support him. If they support you it would be a conflict of their family interest. Some people are able to get past it, but that is up to your ex to get past it and it is up to your ex to tell his family to get past it.

They were never your friends, they were part of your family that just had a breakup. You will have to build your friendship with them if you want it.


Sorry if i sound harsh.

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I've got to agree with freedom. Is your family still in contact with your ex? Do they still love him like a son and welcome him with open arms? I doubt it. They are supporting you, so that means he's probably on the outs. The same goes for his family.


I know it would be nice if the divorce was just limited to the two people, but unfortunately it spills over into friends and family too. He needs support just as you do. I think you are being a little harsh on his family. They are simply doing what feels natural - supporting their son.

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No I don't expect them to remain family to me. But I don't expect them to make up stuff about how they knew it wouldn't last, which is just completely untrue. And I don't expect them to talk like I'm suddenly some out to get him b*tch that I'm not. Just because we're not together doesn't mean the kind of person I am has changed, and that is what is bugging me.


As for my family, they're civil but haven't like him since he mistreated my son.

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i understand the you feel Jaded by his family, but it is funny how people can start to make up things just to justify their actions. In all reality they dont have anything to dislike you about. Yes you havent changed so people will have to somehow justify their action. How stupid does it sound, "i dont like her cos my brother doesn't like her anymore.." sounds stupid doesnt it? I suppose that is human nature to protect their loved ones and at the same time try not look too stupid doing so.


Ps. I know that i am sometimes a little blunt but i do hope you feel better, just vent to us.

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I understand how you feel, unfortunately it is the way it goes. I knew one woman who remained in contact with her ex mother in law for many years, this mohter in law never forgot her kids, and my friend spent every christmas with this woman and the ex's family for many years.



TGhat was certainly odd, but refreshing to see.


It is a rarity, its always the same reason, people feel hurt in a divorce and the best thing they can do is insult the one of the oppsing family...sad that adults act this way and teach their children the same.


Nothing wrong with being civil...but it isnt always what happens.


hang in their...


be well,


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Blood is thicker than water. Funny, I'm going through a divorce and while my brother doesn't agree with my husband... he is trying to remain neutral with him. There are a lot of things my husband has said about my family - including my brother in the marriage and now through out the divorce. My brother keeps telling me that the "words" only hurt you if you give them the "Power" to. Easy for him to do. I know he's right. And this applies to your situation also... it can only hurt you if you give it permission to hurt you.

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