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Ok...Im not going to lie

I did some messed up stuff before.....but things always got better afterwards...

But this time I dont think theres going to be any second chances....

My ex Eddie, broke up with me because I was to controlling, and clingy. He broke up with me because of it. I am so hurt, for awhile after I couldnt eat or sleep.

All we do is fight anymore, but all I really want to do is lay in his arms like old times.

If he would give me a second chance I promise I wouldnt be like that, I would never try to controll him again, and I would never wanna know where hes at and what hes doing.

He was a great boyfriend and I messed all of it up....what can i do and say to get him back...I tried about everything, and he wont budge

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You can't make somebody want to come back to you. Yes he may have been a good boyfriend, however, there were issues of control and clinginess which he just might not want in a relationship. The problem about emotions and feelings is you would do and say anything to get that person back. Changing is the hardest part. You need to leave him alone, let him come to terms with the relationship breakdown. Begging, promising and constantly being in contact with him will not help him find clarity, it just gives him more of a reason not to want to be with you.


Give him space, try not contacting him and let him make a decision to come back to you. Just remember, if he doesn't come back, there are other people out there who would probably be comfortable with you wanting to be with them alot and asking questions etc... I know it's hard now, however, time heals all.

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This is gonna sound counter-intuitive but if you want to get back together with him, you should stop trying. Right now, he probably feels pressured by your actions to try to get him back. Back off, don't talk to him for a while and just see what happens. You'll be in a better place mentally. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn't have to fight for someone...they should gravitate to you because they like you and want to be around you. The best thing you can do for yourself is to try to refocus yourself inward and think about you. Trying to win him back when he is unresponsive doesn't make you feel very good so don't do it. You at least need some cooling off period before you can start up speaking to him again. I'm not gonna say "once an ex always an ex" cause i have seen people get back together and make it work, even when one person was fed up with the other and told them to back off. Try to give it space and time.

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