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Dancing on the edge... or back and forth over the edge

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I'm 20 year old white female college junior working as an assistant to 40 year old black male alumnus on a athletic recruitment process for our university. I'm engaged and he's married. Despite that, and to be honest, because of our extreme differences in race, age and size (I'm 5'3'' and 125 and he's 6'3'' and 225) there is an obvious sexual charge between us since we met at a fundraiser 3 months ago. Our whole "play" in recruiting young impressionable testosterone filled black men is a promise of a future of a millionaire professional athlete with a hot young white girlfriend. Only he "promoted" me to his fiancée right away. We literally act as a couple during the recruitment process. And that includes kissing on the lips and his hand on my butt like all the time, all mutually agreed upon and encouraged by both of us. And after the show is over we play dump and pretend like it was all part of the "act". Like actors in movies kissing and touching whomever because it's their job. And we have pleasant meals afterwards, high five each other and go home to our significant others pretending like nothing happened.

Did I already commit adultery or am I about to?



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If this is a joke, haha. Go ahead and laugh at me for giving a response. Don't really care.

If its real, or in case anyone who reads this might find themselves in a similar situation, its cheating if you have actual feelings for a person and act upon it. If its all a stage show, its not cheating. But in this case it would be lying to impressionable people and manipulating them with false promises. Think that's pretty rotten behavior itself.

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Either this is the opening scene for some porno or you are being sexually exploited by your employer.  Kissing a subordinate is a violation of the college's sexual harassment policy.  

I suggest you reassess the education you are receiving because if this is a legit Q, rather than a troll who's pot stirring, you have a LOT to learn.  

While you are asking your FI you may also want to get his wife's opinion & let the athletic director weigh in.  

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