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How do I know if he played me

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He everyone, this site is so helpful. Please Help I recently found out that my hub was having phone calls with his female coeworker,however that happened six months ago and it happened for 4 months, and then it stopped when I became suspicious and comforted him.I thought it was fritiling Until recently when I looked though the bills and found phone after call with her.When I asked her He dinied saying he never cheated on me.I have this insecurity about him because in his family all males especially his father were terrible cheaters on their wives.What do you think?How can I find out if he cheated since he doesn't even work with her anymore and its been too long.He could have cheated and then stopped .I hate that very much ,I don't want to stay with a man who is acheater and a liar ,that's why I need to know the truth.

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I sincerly doubt that they needed to talk about work 5 times a day as often and as much as you say, has your husband given you any reason other then the calls to believe he is cheating?


Has there been times where he cannot account for his whereabouts?


"Business" trips that take him away for the night? Any late night "meetings"? What exactly is it that he does for work?


There isn't much you can do given the fact that even if he is/was cheating he isn't fessing up, you have to decide if your gut intuition is enough for you to call it quits, or if you are willing to let it slide and stay with him.


It's a hard call.

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At that time I was pregnant, he seemed to be not interested in me .He came up with new sex ... and he fixes computer , so sometimes he would come late and told me he went at some one's home to work on computer. The calls were intense in the first months and in last two months they were liko once or twice a day.Help

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No , he actually quit the job.I think he doesn't see her anymore, but I think that he might have stopped when he became aware of my suspicious,he became afraid that that I might catch him.About what I said last was that he came up with new sex techniques. I wonder how he learned that at that time.Is it coencidence may be?

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I think he doesn't talk to her anymore.I check his cell bills, however since he lied to me for 3 months by calling this women several time a day without my aknoledge it is hard to trust him and to believe what he says. He didn't tell me anything about her.Whatever I tried to ask him he wouldn't answer.

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