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Is my mother right or just overprotective?

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Welcome to FatherResource.org
Welcome to FatherResource.org

You don't want to put yourself in a vulnerable situation with your autism with all due respect.  Being 1:1 with a guy at 1:30AM sounds suspicious to me.  You don't know if he has ulterior motives in mind and is it worth the risk?  I'm all about avoiding and preventing anything that could be catastrophic.  This whole scenario is a red flag to me.  I think you should heed these warnings.  Alarms and red flags in your brain exist for a reason.  If it doesn't sound right, it's not right.  If you have to question yourself, have doubts and uncertain, then it's not a good idea.  Best to err on the side of caution and prioritize your safety first. 

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When I was a teenager I hung out with a guy in the middle of the night at a sleepaway camp-for hours. We talked and talked and talked.  No romance at all -100% platonic.  Problem was I don't think  I told my friends/bunkmates where I was going or that I'd be out that late-way past camp curfew.  They were really upset with me.  For not telling them where I was going and with who (they actually knew this boy and knew he was a very good person, would never hurt me or anyone but I don't think they knew we were together or if they did that we both weren't in some sort of trouble).  

So even non-parents can get really worried and alarmed if they cannot find someone late at night.  I wasn't fair in not telling them (I don't remember why I didn't, if it was a mistake but I really made people worry -they were going to call security, etc).  

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