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Should I call her own it or act like I'm all secure?

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I've been dating this one girl for a while. We arranged another meeting recently. It was originally supposed to be a private-meeting, but when we discussed it kinda openly the word spread and it then became a group meeting with some mutual friends. We decided that we'll spend one day with these friends and another with just the two of us, but now this thing is starting to get out of control - she wants to bring two guys I don't even personally know in there and actually spend the whole time of two days with the group with no personal time between us.


Should I call her on this and say I wanted to spend more time with her alone or try to impress her, by acting that I'm not the least bit jealous of her and maybe even invite other girls in there?


I'm starting to get worried as I have very bad experiences in the past and some serious problems trusting girls.

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Yeah, I second that. If you bring other girls, you might give her the impression that you're a casual dater, or dare I say, a player. Now, I know that she's not prolly giving you much comfort by inviting other guys...but when things are not balanced it's easier to see what's wrong with the picture...does that make sense? I didn't think so.


What I am trying to say is this: if she's inviting all these guys and the like, and you don't invite other girls she may see that you're serious about her. I am making no sense here....just...don't invite other girls.


And yes, mention to her that you'd like to spend more time with her without the audiance.

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