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How to Manage Relationship Without Sex?

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18 hours ago, Germanlearner said:

 I've been looking, getting one who speaks our native language and takes my medical insurance isn't quick..

While I'm happy to have sex "from a place of love", that's not the same thing as sex "from a place of lust", 

Are you foreigners in your country? If you just had a baby, clearly you've had medical care and were screened for physical and mental health issues.

Unfortunately you and your husband seem quite passive-aggressive.  First "his" post claims he no longer wants sex because it's no fun because you don't want sex. But that's fooling yourselves.

You don't want alternatives to sex. Then the bizarre "we're not looking to reincorporate sex into our lives, just how to do without". What the heck is that?

Then you go on to say you're  "hurting" your husband by not being interested in sex. Then you post as the husband and now the wife. 

You are dancing around a lot of stuff here desperately trying to avoid whatever the real issues are. You resent your husband, and you really need to figure out why rather than this elaborate passive aggressive ruse about avoiding sex 

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Posted (edited)

It's interesting that couples can justify financing that new couch or trade in their car for a new one.  But when it comes to couples counseling, it's either too expensive or there just isn't enough money.

I can't think of a better investment than putting that money and energy into your marriage.  After the fact it becomes painfully apparent if the marriage fails and you then give that money to an attorney and courts to divide property. 

It seems so silly when it's too late that you didn't prioritize your marriage and seeked some help to get in back on track.

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