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My body and healthy

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Acne is something most teenagers go through, but most of the time it passes on its own and often isn't nearly as off-putting as it feels in your head, staring at yourself in the mirror. I would also bet the hair on your chin is beyond insignificant and another thing you're playing up in your mind too much. If the acne is really bad, see a dermatologist, otherwise just cleanse your face normally.


I get a strong suspicion you are looking at yourself in the mirror too much which can lead to a very sick and distorted view of how you look to yourself . Try to think of yourself as beautiful and focus on things less superficial.

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Also, see a dermatologist. I agree with seeing a doctor about hormonal issues, too.


Change your diet. Eliminate all processed food. My skin cleared up when I changed to a more plant based diet, eliminated all factory food and drank more water. Get regular fresh air and exercise. Take good care of your health because your skin reflects good health.

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