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The Poetry


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I'll start!


They say


Don't wait

They say

Be your own happiness

But it's a lonesome happiness


There are more fish

They say

Nicer, tastier, better fish

But I don't want the pretty fish


It's not the end of the world

They say

He was just one part

But his world was the one that was ours


I don't wait

But I long

I know about the fish

But I'm not fishing

It was the end of the world

Our world is dead

And i hate it

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I wrote this poem after my ex of eleven years and I split. I’m in a much better place four years later. This poem just reflects on how I felt at the time.



Why the sad brown eyes plastered on my face

They say one day I won’t feel the pain

The empty hole you gave

When you went away


They say time will heal all wounds

Don’t they know it’s all the same tunes

As my skies seem to be always grey


When I’m all alone

I think of you most


Your eyes and laughter

Still haunt my mind


They say I’ll find someone new

Won’t be thinking of you anymore

If that’s the case

Where does the love go?


They may say a lot of things

It’s just they don’t really know


How hard it is to let you go

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I like it.


"When I'm all alone I think of you most". LOL wow. Yeah, raw truth.


I've never written poetry so don't know the gift, the uniqueness that says all in one or two phrases. I'll work on it.


What got me through for the longest time was a type of poetry - songs if you will. One comes to mind 'slow dancing in a burning room'. Damn, it was my salve and napalm at the same time.

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