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  1. Wind is blowing hard. Dusty and cold. Temperature is dropping rapidly, walking along a chalky sand cliff looking for a lost critters. Expensive critters. M. Damn. It's MF cold. Thoughtful, pursed lips. I'll stay out here until last light, maybe build a fire. Not like I've got things to do. Stretch, cold muscle are not helpful. Deep canyon. Wind howling overhead, spooky yet lonesome. Piling up gathered cottonwood branches, fire even a brief one is good. G. Hey... M. F#$#!! Hard stare. What are you doing out here? #$#$#$ . Embarrassed, nobody ever sneaks up on me. G. I went to your pla
  2. I'm sorry. Likely hurts like hell. Take care of you. Prepare yourself, something will trigger a response, you seem aware of the situation and it's sad conclusion. Make a plan, which I'm sure you have as it's the only thought most times. Carry it out. Again, take care of yourself. No big speeches all that will come later when reality hits him. Take care of you. Sleep, eat right, lot of exercise and remember, people survive it and go on to better things. It's not the end of the world, just seems like it. Good luck.
  3. Bus rolling away. G walking towards me, body stiff. Angry walk but curious. G. Sweeps back hair, stands away from driver door. Hey... thought you left? M. Slow head motion, universal for get in. I did and now I'm back. Get in. G. Heavy book bag thumps on cab floor. Look of sadness, anger. Crank up the truck, slow three point turn, heading up the road. Road is rutty and greasy, lots of ice and snow the past week. G. So you going to tell me? Where'd you go? Why didn't you tell me or someone? M. Laughs. Angry look in return. When I was young and adorable, I went to Las Vegas for a 4
  4. As a man, if I heard that I would feel bad. For whatever reason I don't want to get married and now the happiness of someone I love hinges on it. I suppose I would take another look, and I might just leave. If I can't make you happy and I'm an obstacle, then I'd do a mercy break up. Let you find your happiness and get the hell out of the way. Then again, some people sack up and find the parson. Is that a marriage? You'd be happy but him, IDK.
  5. The bus chugs to view. Cold twilight covers the land, G steps off, female bus driver talking to her, she shakes her head. Door closes, bus rolls on, she stands there. Smiles when she sees the truck. Crosses the road, bag parked over shoulder. Tired, had a nap but woke up tired. G: How was your day? Mine was good! M: Stretches, Wonder how red my eyes are. It was okay, what was good about yours? G. Some guy asked about you?? Mischievous smile. M. Me? Did I owe him money? Date his mom? Cranks engine, slowly depress the clutch. Better yet.. does he look like me? G. Chuckles. No.. none
  6. School bus stop. Early in the morning, sun hasn't come up yet. Drinking African coffee. Gourmet coffee her mom got from a friend. Poured from an old thermos, battered and seen better days. Sipping slowly, very good coffee, feel heart racing. Girl is quiet, well dressed, gorgeous. No longer fearful, she's content. Good. G: Slow turn. I can tell you don't drink coffee. M: Staring forward, canteen cup with two handed grip. Sipping. How do you know that? Waiting for me to drink it hot? Watching for the steam to come out my nose, ears... and other places?? G: Laughs. Girlish giggle. Eyebrows r
  7. I suppose I should start a new thread with this, I should but neh. I'll keep it together, the entire project is eating at me, I see it and feel the words. Maybe that's the process I'll get it going, as the relief is genuine. All apologies to the true scriptwriters, I figure to write it out and edit at some later date, maybe add or subtract. My goal is for a person to see the scenes and live them alongside me. So here we go. Kitchen scene. Washing dishes, putting away dinner, talking. She brought my truck back and accepted dinner before I drive her home. Very aware she's a minor. Cultural an
  8. I like it. "When I'm all alone I think of you most". LOL wow. Yeah, raw truth. I've never written poetry so don't know the gift, the uniqueness that says all in one or two phrases. I'll work on it. What got me through for the longest time was a type of poetry - songs if you will. One comes to mind 'slow dancing in a burning room'. Damn, it was my salve and napalm at the same time.
  9. It hurts, hurts like hell, one of the facts of life. Good advice on leaving, no contact, cut the ties and walk into the void or what seems like it. I walked a lot, just walked and thought about her. Walking helps, endorphins are your best friend at this point. It'll pass though, some in a month some longer, don't look for it as it'll happen. Other people will show up, treat them well and they give some relief. Maybe all you need. Take care of you and throw those keys away. Let the healing begin. Good luck.
  10. Some really good advice you got, I'd listen to it and call it done. I read it as you grasping at straws, it happens and it just exposes the wound. If she wanted to get back with you, believe me she would find you, nothing sneaky about it. I wish you luck and hope you handle the disappointment. It is a b#$#$.
  11. One of my 'bucket list' activities is to write a screenplay, don't know how but read enough scripts to beat it silly. I missed a good chance to actually go to workshop for scriptwriting, it was during the Sedona Film festival. I was working it, hauling fancy people around and I did get to meet two screenwriters and we had a nice conversation about the whole process. Their advice was to work at each day, just work at it, discard and keep and voila - progress and completion. I nodded my manly jaw and figured why not, nobody's gonna do it for me. So .. let me think. The direction I got perking
  12. It's cold outside, winter is coming. Fall here is goofy weather; days of cold wind and an abrupt heatwave. I'm over 'her' but this weather brings out the memories and I was annoyed. However it's in me to do something so I perched near the woodpile, which I need to chop and soon, and thought of 'us' back in the day. The fall and winter were out time, we did quite a few things and places in the cold. In hindsight, I knew it would end but learned a hard lesson, don't #$#$# wait on it or hope it to grow into something. I'm talking of love. As I was healing, full non-contact for many months, th
  13. A whole bunch of time went by, wow - but it's alright I'm healed up and scab dropped off. Damn it took awhile. So I'm enjoying life. Thank you for those of you that came back to read or checking on me - or whatever. Thanks. What am I doing? I'm sitting on a lonely ranch with a great view of four western states. Pretty awesome. Nobody in my life and that's just fine. I work out, dress well and try to eat properly. Finished up some reading; big fan of Michael Connelly and odd motivational books: finished up YOU CAN'T HURT ME by David Goggins. Damn, if you need some exercise or plain mental
  14. I hope you're feeling better. It's not a set back just part and parcel of a breakup. Look forward to the day when you think about her or even speak to her and nothing surfaces, maybe a nostalgic smile or roll of the eyes. It doesn't last forever just seems that way. Hard part is when they try to come back and you allow interaction, whole new can of worms. NC and get your heal on, you got this.
  15. Wow. Wrote a lot but it didn't make it through - some kind of time limit. Oh well, it was good no worry I have more. Peace.
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