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Is he interested??


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I’ve started talking to this boy I like again, only through text. We talked for hours every day back at the start of January, however that only lasted a few weeks since I found that if I’m not the one messaging him first then we don’t talk at all. Anyway, I really missed talking to him so I tagged him in an Instagram picture the other day, hoping it would allow him to start a conversation with me, which worked. We’ve been talking for a couple days since for about 8 hours a day. Although yesterday I didn’t message him first to start a conversation because I wanted to see whether he was interested in me or not, I didn’t hear from him. So, today I decided to message first again and we’ve been talking for hours like normal.


I just don’t know whether he is interested or not?? We’ve discussed making plans to see each other but I don’t know how genuine it was since he was willing to not talk to me for months because I didn’t message first.

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I don't think he is all interested. Had he been, the plans would have been made the in those weeks when you 1st started talking. He prob had some other options and after those ran out, he started texting you again. I wouldn't surprised if he disappears again.

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Nobody can spend 8 hours every day texting each other. As long as this isn't a long-distance romance, you guys should meet and then talk in person. Texting should only be for a quick message.


G: How you doing?

B: Fine.

G: Meet you later?

B: Yup.


Spend the time you have together and not on the phone.

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The best way you can find out if he`s interested is to ask him out. Ask him out for a drink or go out for a bite to eat. You will find people who want to be with you will meet up with you. If he keeps making up excuses or delaying a meet then you`ll know.

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