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I was dating someone for just over two months. The relationship was quite intense and they were by far the most keen. They brought up meeting my family, my friends and even going away this summer. Last weekend they instigated a conversation about the status of our relationship and she said she was excited about calling me her girlfriend.


Things were fine this week. We hung on on Valentine’s Day and she gave me a card saying she was excited about the future.


We hung out yesterday all day until I went to meet a friend. She then decided to text me to effectively end things.


I’m really confused by her behaviour. What could have triggered this?

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I think the correct way to view it is not to trust someone's emotions - this isn't about trusting the person. Odds are she genuinely felt what she felt, but there was something underneath that which wasn't right for her. Anyone's guess as to what was going on


But the fundamental lesson is that you always keep your wits about you when greeted with intense emotions. Not to distrust their intentions completely, but just being aware that things that come on that quickly can fade just as fast. You're better off pacing a relationship that feels intense early on - if they can't handle that, then they were just caught in the moment

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Sounds typical for someone who can't be alone and searching for someone/anyone to couple with, thus the intensity of the 2 months, no real time to get to know each other, just bombardment of "love", take it as a lesson learnt to be more analytical.

Suggestions go from maybe an ex in the picture she might still have feelings for or she's still searching and you weren't the "one"

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