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Me and my ex broke up a year ago, after two happy years together. I was devastaded and desperate to get him back, Luckily I found this site early on when I searched the entire web for answers on how to get him back. For that reason I did not persue him and knew that NC was the key.


We have met a few times and talked every other month, but be never (for some reason) talked about the breakup and "serious" stuff. We almost acted like nothing happend. I was scared to upset him and wanted him to talk about him if he felt like it. Both initiated contact.


Now, one year after I feel different (obviously). It kinda bothers me that we never talked properly on what happened, but it's ok.


There are things that I don't get. He did not wish me happy birthday, even though he talked to me everytime he struggled with someting, so I feel like he used me abit. He followes me on every soscial media, even though I unfollowed him on everything when we broke up. It's like he has "control" on my life and I don't understand why. I also suspect that he has another girl that he has been with since early after our breakup. I asked him one thing when we broke up and that is that we would be honest with eachother. Still he keeps me in the dark and I feel like he is hiding stuff from me. But of course it's his life and he do exacly as he likes.


Anyway.. I'm slowly moving on and feeling good. I have improved alot since the breakup and learned form my mistakes.


Sorry about the errors.

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You'd move on a lot faster if you'd block him from all social media and any way of contacting you. It's over, it's been a year, you have to move on. Who cares what he's doing or if he's got a new gf? It does not matter anymore, and it should not matter. There's no reason for him to wish you a happy b'day, you are broken up. Please block this guy today.

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Sorry to hear this. What was the break up about? He doesn't have control of your life, you do. You chose to give him control by seeing him, talking to him and not blocking and deleting him from all your messaging apps, social media and phone. Sadly by now you could have been dating guys and perhaps be in a relationship with someone who wants a relationship also.

We have met a few times and talked every other month It's like he has "control" on my life and I don't understand why.
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He doesn't have control over your life. You do. You are choosing to keep talking to him. You are choosing not to block him on social media. You are choosing to be his pal and adviser when he has problems. You are choosing to focus on him and what he is doing and with who. You are choosing to keep having him in your life.


It ain't working, so choose differently. Block him, delete his number. Choose to stop wasting your time being his pal and support, especially since it's one sided. He isn't a very good pal to you if he doesn't return the favor when you need something, right? Choose to remove him from your life for good. Choose to get out and make new friends and have fun and be too busy to give him another thought. Choose to start dating again and choose to have fun with that.

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