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Boyfriend mom broke us up


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I am so angry and heart broken. I cnt sleep at night. My boyfriend mom told a lie on me. And he believed it. I never had a chance to defend myself. Cause he wnt anserw the phone or my text. Im powerless of the situation. He is a mama boy. I didnt stand a chance. I believe she lied to avoid paying me back a huge loan she owes. So now im out my money and him. And im suppose to just get over this and go on with my life. I hope that one day that he does find out she lied. But the damage is already done. How am i to move on.

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You sound quite young, so if you cant afford a lawyer, many lawyers will talk to a person for free for 30-60 minutes, so find one in your area that will speak to you for free and learn your rights about the money owed to you.


If he really is such a mama's boy this is not the guy you want for a boyfriend/husband.

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