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Ex Broke Up Out Of The Blue


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Hi guys, it's my first post here! Here is a bit of background - I was with my ex for 8 months, he is 34yrs & I am 26. Our relationship was always good, no fights, I gave him space and was never needy, he talked about a future with marriage and kids etc. I would plan fun adventures and sex life was good. Then out of the blue he told me he didn't have as strong of feeling as he thought he would after 8 months!

I was shocked obviously! I did not contact him for a week and when I did I texted him telling him that after thinking I agree that it was the right thing to do and that I valued our time and wished him all the best.


He responded and was apologetic and wanted to meet for dinner/drink. I told him we could after Christmas (4 weeks after our break up) and he agreed. I then initiated NO CONTACT. He texted me wishing me a merry Christmas and hoped I was well. I did respond a few hours later with a simple Christmas text and nothing more and went back NC.


After 1 month of NC I had a moment of weakness after sleeping with a male friend after a big night :/ I texted my ex asking him how his Xmas was and if he would like to have that coffee. He responded and sounded keen. We texted a bit and organised to meet later that evening. We kept it short and sweet and acted like friends catching up. We DID NOT talk about the break up thank god! When we said goodbye we hugged and he hinted to go see a movie.


It's now been 5 weeks post break up and I have been working out, going out with friends and doing well. I have noticed he always looks at my Instagram stories still. I did unfriend/unfollow him on social media back when he broke up. I do miss him and want him back but I am also hurt that he broke my heart :( I don't know if I actually want him back or if I just want him to want me back for an ego thing if you get what I mean? How do you forgive someone who broke your heart?


Anyway it's been a week since we caught up and neither of us have contacted each other. I know he will respond if I text him but he was the one that dumped my ass so I'm not going to chase him. Has anyone got some insight as to what he's thinking? Or what should I do?


Thanks for your advice :)

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I had an ex do that after almost a year and a half...he just wasn't "feeling it".


He explained to me that a guy can spend time with a woman, enjoy the sex and like having someone around (he called it "convenient"), but that doesn't mean he's in love, even if he wanted to be.


My guess is, your guy tried and concluded it just wasn't the right fit for him. It happens, unfortunately. He doesn't hate you, he likes you just fine, but he doesn't see "forever". Sorry.

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Don't chase him. He's probably waiting for you to contact him since he hinted at seeing a movie,

but let him do the work here. If he wants you, he will do everything to make it known.


I think you need more time apart, for your benefit. You have strong feelings still, and his are uncertain.

You can tell him don't contact you anymore unless he wants to get back together. Then his motive will

be clear.

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Yes, let him do the work. Let him come after you if he genuinely wants you back. Continue to do what you're doing -working out, seeing friends, etc. But try not to think about him. (harder than it sounds, I know.)


BINGO! Best advice.

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