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Focusing on the positives

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How about we a post about the plus sides of our break ups?

Mine are:

I don't need to avoid using my hairdryer when he's around, he hated the sound of it

I've treated myself to a few things using the money I would have spent on his Christmas presents

I'm not being kept awake by him snoring

I don't need to put up with smoking

I went on holiday to Mexico and had a great time

He's freed me up to meet someone better

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The plus side of my break up from a 7 year on again off again relationships was that I got back together with the ex from right before him, about 6 months later. The positive of breaking up with my now husband all those years ago was that we didn't try to force it when it just wasn't right and that made us able to reconnect without much baggage.


I never much went for the "positives" that focused on more "freedom" since I felt freer in a relationship than out - when I wasn't in a relationship I felt restricted to using my free time to meet someone (obviously I was my own prison warden lol but that was the feeling).

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Yes! Snoring!




Feeling free to live my life all the month, not living by his fly-in fly-out work schedule

Free to be really single

Doing the outdoorsy stuff he wasn't into

Living more economically

Spending New Year's Eve and other parties with people who are my friends

More time for my friends

I can book vacations in advance now, not only last minute

I can plan my future according to my needs

I don't feel let down

I'm more self-sufficient

I stopped stealing his cigarettes

I didn't like myself around him, now I like myself more

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That's a good positive Piaresssss. :)


Hope you had a good day.


It was okay. Went to the gym with my friend. Foind out from him that my ex knows about my new tattoo which i dont see how she would. Also she dropped the last of my stuff off when i was not home, didnt even know she was doing it.

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