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  1. I was actually out with her the other night. It felt like it was before we got together. Laughing and joking with out all the pressure the relationship put on us. Somethings are gonna change which is natural but it's nice to know we are gonna be fine
  2. Hi everyone, I have decided to begin a journey towards self acceptance. To accept my whole self. Both the positive and negative but realise that these do not define who I am. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the journey or can recommend any reading that would be beneficial. Thanks
  3. I think you are being to hard on yourself. You never know what is going on with another person. No one can mind read and all your assumptions is what is causing you to feel guilty. I go through these feelings all the time. You need to embrace the uncertainty of life. The only person who knows why he left school is him so stop worrying about it. I also think you need to forgive yourself. You did what you thought was best and you cannot ask more of yourself than that.
  4. First off you have nothing to be embarrassed about. As someone who has the pattern of behavior that this man has you have done nothing wrong. From what I have read he has some commitment issues that he needs to address and until he does he will keep repeating that pattern. I would recommend therapy for him. It is helping me beyond belief. But know you have done nothing wrong and should hold you head high when ever you see him.
  5. So I had this best friend for 4 years and we ended up in a relationship. It lasted less than two months. We worked as best friends but not as boyfriend and girlfriend. She ended it but I am not sad. I have cried but I feel like that is because I wanna go back to what we where before rather than crash and burn as a couple and she agrees. I'm not really sure why I am writing this because I'm not really looking for advice just getting my thoughts out. I think in reality I was not in love with her. I love the girl to bits and she means so much to me. The word friend doesn't even apply to what we where to each other. She was my family. Think I'm scared of losing that with her.
  6. Good to see you still kicking around Sputnik and donnington is most definitely before my time Metalwin! Just another update for me to vent my frustration really, I got a girls number the other day and we had been chatting back and forth. She then wanted to talk on the phone and we had a really good chat but since then she has just blanked me. I know we have just started speaking and she doesn't owe me anything but what happened to common decency! Just say you are not into me, ghosting me is just a bit childish. One of the worst things to arise in recent years. Last few romantic entanglements I have had of late have all crashed and burned, maybe im still not ready.
  7. Hey Carus, You are indeed right, no one can be happy all the time. And I am indeed hitting those bubbles as often as possible!
  8. Just felt lile posting an update today Feeling a little blue today, had a dream about my ex for no apparent reason I can think of, approaching a year since we broke up Other than that Im good, still finding my feet in the new job, went on a few dates but we didn't fit so thats okay. Just plodding along as usual, hope everyone else is doing good!
  9. Hey all, Been a while since I posted. I have been doing great, got a new job, potentially moving out and still going to the gym. Made quiet a few new friends who I really enjoy spending my time with. Now yesterday would have been my 4 year anniversary and the week before Inhad been dreading it. Well the day came and went like any other. I took my brothers dog out in this beautiful weather and saved her from a lake. A short update because all in all I am doing really good. Hipe everyone else is :).
  10. Yep you are speaking the truth. I just wanted someone to give me an outside perspective. I have been feeling great lately and I can put that down to not seeing her.
  11. Actually no But the whispers I hear of her seem to imply that she has become very selfish of late. Her best friend has said he wants nothing to do with her anymore so. I have made so many improvements in my life and it seems she is back tracking
  12. Hey guys! Got an update on my life Out of knowhere the ex has messaged me!!! Been about 2 months since we last spoke Her message said, "Hey Piaras, I know it has been ages I saw your tattoo (pretty sure thats your leg) on steves instagram. Im at download this weekend but please let me know if you want to meet up at some point soon. If you dont want to thats fine, you dont have to reply to this. If you dont reply I'll understand, I hope I have left it long enough after Japan. I know you said you didn't want to see or hear from me and you didn't feel like we where friends at all. So I'll let you decide if we meet or not. By they way I have worn that necklace everyday." So I would like everyones view on this. Im not sure what to make of it but dont plan on messaging her back. In other news I have started chatting to a new girl and we both seem into each other, hoping that this leads somewhere!
  13. Broken up around 9 months Toether for 3 years Male No contact about 2 months Sometimes im a 10 sometimes im a 4 or 5. I go very up and down. I am a bit angry that I am not yet ober her but I will get there. Way better than I was at the start.
  14. Thanks all. Its nice that even after a short break I can jump back on her and its like I never left. I do feel like I am really living life lately. I never use to go out and now barley a weekend goes by that im not busy. And I may be young but you all have had life experience that I would kill for, don't any of you sell yourselves short. How do I turn my thoughts off? Really I don't. I just let them happen and talk to a select few close friends that I know understand so I don't bottle it up. I find that has really helped me in the letting go process. Just need to get over this last little hump and I will be golden.
  15. Hey all, today is my birthday and I feel like that is a good time some some reflection. So, Im 25 today. Went out on the weekend to celebrate and had a very good time. Met a friend for lunch today and had a great catch up. There has been a strange cloud hanging over today. Its the first birthday in 4 years that I have celebrated without my ex. It hard to put into words how I am feeling. Im still not over the relationship but I'm okay with that. It shows me it was real and I have learned alot through this experience. I have come a long way, am no longer in that rut. For all those starting out on what is a tough road to walk, it does get better. The pain fades but it is a long slow process. When it happened to me, in the beginning I wanted to snap my fingers and eveything to be the way I wanted it to be(thanos style) but thats just no how it goes. You just have to wait for the pain to fade which it does. Do i still think of my ex? Yes, from time to time. I can go weeks without her popping into my brain and the effects it can have are various. I might get annoyed that I think about her, sad that I am forgetting her, it really can be anything. Now for a bit of a lighter note. I told my co-worker that I was into her.... when i was unbelievably drunk. She didnt say no but didn't get a yes either just a "are you drunk". Not the best way but I'm glad that I did it. Now I can move on from this little crush. Anyway, enough of a ramble. Hope everyone has a great day or night and you keep up the healing.
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