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Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman of the Internet,


So I feel as though I need an outlet for the predicament that I am in and I have talked it to death with close friends and family.


So Allow me to regale you with a story of my relationship so you may have some insight and weigh in.


To begin, I have been in a long distance relationship with a woman( 3 hour drive, not terrible) for just about a year. There is all sorts of odd things about this so I will try to be as concise as possible.


From the beginning, She and I met through a coworker here( Her brother) she was here visiting during hurricane Matthew. She and I hit it off the first night. She and I got a little intimate but did not have sex. She and I exchanged texts back and forth. Fast forward a month and my friends and I had a friendsgiving sort of thing(the week before because we all work hospitality) and she comes down for this. She and I are very affectionate and we part ways at the end of the evening. We continue to text for quite sometime.


This takes us to January. I am a little slow when it comes to things so I finally get the stones to ask her out on a real date. She agrees and I drove up to see her. We have dinner, drinks, walk around the lake, some kissing at the car and we go our separate ways.


Around a month or so later, she and I are still talking and we decided that she should come down and visit. Which she does. She comes to stay at my place and things happen. From here on out she and I are dating. We have been together for months and we have traveled together, met each others families, we even rode out the last hurricane together, despite the fact that I was working through the entire thing.


Since that time, we have spent every other weekend together. She basically was living here for the entire summer (shes a teacher).


Until the last month she and I talked everyday, texted throughout the day, general conversation, everything really.


She and I have been back and forth to each others places and now that she is in a new place she doesn't want to make plans or just says no.


She and I have been great, up until the last month. This is where I need your thoughts. So recently she has moved into a new place, and is now starting a new job. Prior to all this she and I spent a weekend together and things were a little tense at first. After dinner she calmed down and was more normal. But since the mentioned weekend she has been closed off. Now I know that I am not innocent in all of this, but I have been asking to talk to her about whats going on with our relationship and I am shut down at every turn. Prior to this she was willing to talk about just about everything and now we barely talk, text, anything. Every time I ask about anything I am met with "I don't want to talk about it". I'm not sure what changed or why the sudden closed off behavior. But it has been a month and I still have incredibly strong feelings for her and when we do talk she still tells me she loves me, but something has changed and I cant put my finger on it.


I can give more specific details if needed, but this is the short version of the story.


And with that I humbly ask for your thoughts and opinions.


Thank you

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Nothing in particular, However I did just learn from the brother about a conversation that I was unaware of about an incident that was pretty minor.


My mother and her husband were going to Chicago for a weekend to meet with a new financial planner, I lived in Chicago for a year and a a half and my mom texted me to see if the girlfriend and I could make it. I told her that I would need to check with her to see if she could get the time off since they were still making up time from the hurricane. Long story short, she couldn't. I told my girlfriend that I didn't really want to go if she couldn't. I lived there and I thought it would be fun if she and I could go and I could show her around. End of story, or so I thought.


Evidently she had a conversation with her mother about it and she(mother) decided that I was being manipulative by not going without her. A tactic that the mothers ex-husband use to use, he would guilt people into not going or doing what he wanted. Which I never did, I just said well maybe we can go some other time.


So this moment seems to have set the rest of it in motion

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