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Can someone have a strictly platonic friend with someone of the opposite sex?


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So, I was making plans with a girl I like and she told me she had plans with another friend and she was excited, think she said he was coming in town. the day I wanted to go out. She said they are grabbing drinks. We made plans for another time, but should I wonder. I haven’t told this girl how I feel about her but I’m sure she knows.

I have girl friends that I hang out with just me and them, nothing is happening their just friends. Am I being silly.

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Yes, men and women can be friends. I think you should probably ask her if it was a date, though... and state your intentions if that's the route you're trying to go. Regardless, if you haven't dated her at all yet, she's a free girl and if you're already getting jealous of attention from other guys...you should probably work on getting your head on straight before you go out. It doesn't sound like you're at the point where possessiveness or insecurity about others in her life would be acceptable or endearing whatsoever.

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Absolutely platonic friends exist and I have plenty of guy friends. It doesnt mean that opposite sexes simply must be having sex with each other or anything remotely like that. I get along better with guys than girls, so guys tend to be my friends. My husband knows I love him and I'm not leaving him or having sex with anyone else. People can be friends no matter their gender.

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1) She was transparent.

2) You also have mixed gender friendships.

3) The ego takes a hit when our targets don't cave to our desires; that also is how we want it to be.

4) Do not make decisions for her.


Be glad she is an enthusiastic friend to her friends and a transparent communicator. He is not your target, she is. Keep your eye on your target; trust her to make appropriate decisions. No two people maintain the same pace in their progress toward one another. Stick to your path.

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Yes. For sure.

Either one of you might have ideas or be looking for non-platonic clues at some point or another, but if no ones taking any action or discussion=platonic. It's no different than noticing if your same gender friends are bi/gay/interested in you that way. It doesn't mean anything or discussion is ever happening. Haven't you ever had an opposite gender friend that you felt NO attraction to? It's just like your same gender friends being just your friend.

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