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  1. Maybe you are right. Though I don’t believe that’s the case. I have kept my distance from her for more than 3 months. She texted me out of the blue and after she said what she needed to say. I dropped it. Left it alone. In the past you might be right, I do feel like I was pushing. I should have been strong enough to tell her I wouldnt argue with her anymore. The truth is, she wanted to be single again but she didn’t want to let go of us completely. I was ok with that because I wanted her as well. But all it did was build anger and sadness between us. We both became unhappy with the set
  2. She said she wanted freedom. She wanted to not have any ties anymore. After she came to that thought. I guess we were kidding ourselves by sticking around. She told me I didn’t go above and beyond anymore and that’s why she started to a certain way. So I started doing that again. Things got better for a while but ultimately she still wanted her freedom
  3. Things changed. I listened to the warnings and I backed off from her. It wasn’t until she actually made an effort did I start talking to her again. A little bit later we actually became a couple. We became official I guess it was called. She was my first love and I guess I just thought, hoped it would work out. I was hers as well, at least that’s what she said. I listened and accepted her apologies for rudeness and general unkindness. Also I liked the time we spent together. I realize now, I deserve better than that. But it doesn’t make me miss her any less
  4. My ex and I broke up almost 8 months ago. Stopped talking about 4 months besides a random text a few weeks ago. She wanted her book back. So she got it back. I don’t know what’s wrong with me right now. But I can’t get her off my mind. I miss her but at the same time I realize the end of our relationship and they way I felt, the way she made me feel. I don’t want that in my life. I don’t know why I miss her when all I can see is sadness instead of the happiness we had. I have tried other things, picked up new hobbies. Books, movies, physical activity. After some time passed I felt good a
  5. Why so many, we had a difference of opinion, I believed a little argument was normal and ordinary something a couple should push past. She believed pushing past an argument would only cause more problems. To me, not pushing past an argument only makes the argument bigger and puts you on a road of constant arguing about the same thing without a conclusion ever coming. I see her point but it was just more and more, it was never I understand now let’s drop it. It just kept coming back with more problems. Whenever it was my issue I did say that though, I understand let’s move past but she never wo
  6. We broke up because of minor issues that were blown up. One day she asked me a question and I told her the truth, it has been a roller coaster since. I told her she can sometimes be mean if I didn’t respond the way she wanted and so I would ask her safe questions when I knew she was upset. I told her it wasn’t a big deal but she thought it was. That led to a lot of other minor arguments over time she kept asking for space then she would pull me back. Whenever things would get better between us she would pull away it felt like. Eventually she said she was worried she didn’t have time for a rela
  7. I’m not sure what you mean by flexible, but we broke up because she thought she didn’t have time for a relationship with so much going on in her life. That on top of bickering led to our breakup. We argued over stupid things, like being cut off when the other was talking or trust issues. Truthfully I’ve never cheated and I never would. But she kept getting mad at me for not telling her every detail. Like I was being shady. When I wasn’t, I just didn’t wanna bring up stuff that was handled probably and was no reason for her to get angry. Which she would, and sometimes I just forgot. Her answer
  8. Since my ex and I broke up I’ve been given advice not to contact her, to leave her alone especially if I want her back. I’ve been struggling with it but when I finally did, she contacted me some time later. We’ve been talking ever since but nothing has really changed. We have great conversations like we use too. But she’s still keeping her distance, saying she’s not interested in getting back in a relationship right now. Which I agree with, frankly if we did, I’m afraid our past arguments would destroy us again. It’s just to soon. I have told her this and she has told me how she still feels
  9. You’re right. I don’t know, I guess I still stupidly hope. But I need to stop
  10. I looked back at the post and I remember those feelings. I also realize, the feelings left but they came right back. After February, things changed for the better. We actually started a real relationship and things were way better than I could have ever asked for. But it eventually faded away again and I’m left with this feeling again. We started back up because I took a chance and this time I just can’t. I don’t think things will change if I do
  11. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. Truthfully maybe you’re right. She didn’t make me feel special anymore and I was wishing for someone that doesn’t exist anymore. I just got caught up with it all. She would tell me she loved me, that she needed me, that she could t wait to spend her life with me. But I guess things changed and I needed to watch her actions more than the words she was saying. But yea, at one point it changed, she stopped talking about our future but I still did. Just not in the same page anymore
  12. We broke up originally a month ago, but we stayed together, a sort of we are together but we aren’t labeling it. We broke up because we were arguing a lot. In my opinion, it all could have been avoided but we didn’t communicate well and didn’t have the tolerance. If I’m to be honest with myself, I don’t think she wanted a boyfriend starting school. I think that because arguments pushed forward and little things became huge things and little tolerance for small personal issues. Anywho, things just went downhill. Fighting all the time and her idea for fixing it was space. She kept on asking f
  13. Extremely exhausting. You are right. Maybe we just need to stop with the bs.
  14. Lately things haven’t been the best with my girlfriend, we have been arguing and thinking about breaking up. This was majority of the last two weeks. It all started with me having to work a job with my ex, she didn’t like it but it was work, what was I suppose to do. I kept my distance and rarely spent more than 5 mins around her. Anyway we have been arguing, it’s like little things start her up and the way I handle them. Anyway she decided she wanted a break, I said ok. I gave it to her. She came back into my life within 20 mins wanting to talk. Then the next day she came over. A few days
  15. Your completely right. I should use the advice given. Frankly I really appreciate it. Also I’m not emotionally unstable, I enjoy having someone in my life. Even though she makes me feel like crap. If that’s being emotionally unstable, then I I guess I am. I like the attention abd flirtation. But maybe your completely right. Just stop dating till I don’t have that want for someone in my life.
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