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My situation is extremely weird because I have been told all my life that I'm an attractive person. As now in my late 30's I'm told that I'm a very beautiful woman, and how great of a person, as well as a mother I am. Just told all these great things. I don't do clubs, don't do drugs, drink occasionally, and I'm all about my children and my business. Yet, I am very down to earth. However, it seems as if no guys are interested in me, like I'm invisible to men. However, I can catch a few eyes here and there and yet it's always from someone married and or attached, and or just wants to have an friendship so they say but yet turns out to only be about sex and yet, only on their time and terms. And with this being an constant thing I'm starting to wonder am I really all that great as these men and everyone else say that I am? Because if so why are men looking pass me and not truly at me. I was enjoying a movie the other night with my children and their was a scene in the movie where a couple was resolving their issues and had kissed one another, and my 7year old son turns and say's to me; mommy that will happen to you some day! And I smiled at him and asked if he truly thought so? Yet, at the same time I couldn't help but to think about how men have shown as well have said to me that makes me feel and think otherwise. Like I may not be that attractive and or that these men these days aren't attractive to anything about me other than sex. However, from what I have shared, can someone please try to give me some insight please and thank you! Sincerely, An lonely heart!

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Are there a lot of men out there just looking to hook up? Yes there are.


Are there men out there looking for a relationship? Absolutely!


How attractive you are or not is subjective. My kind of pretty is different than other guys pretty.


There are a lot of things that go into attraction and being open to being approached. You can be gorgeous and single and want to meet men but appear closed off and unapproachable. I have heard from all kinds of beautiful women that only jerks show interest in them. The reason that happens because jerks do not care and they play the numbers game. They could care less about you, what you think or if you reject them so they have zero to loose but a nice decent guy is the opposite so he is less likely to approach you.


Have you done any online dating? Unfortunately the jerks and losers are braver online than in real life but the good side of it is that once you learn what to look for you can weed them out pretty fast and concentrate on the guys of substance.


Have you ever asked a man out? Ever smiled and waved at a man you thought was attractive? Asked for a guys number?



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