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Do guys play games?


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So this guy and I had a falling out. We go to school together and he tried being nice after our fight but I initially ignored him because I needed space. The only form of contact we had besides passing each other in the halls was Snapchat. He continued to send me snaps for almost 2 1/2 weeks after our fight, but all the sudden he stopped. I know he hasn't deleted me because he still views my stories. But I've definitely noticed he lack of Snaps. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he's trying to get my attention because why not just delete me altogether? He has to know I'd notice!! In school, I noticed that he seems to always be around this past week, too. Talking to the people by where I study, etc. Am I reading too much into this or do guys play games like this?

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I agree with the above.


You guys are probably right. I shouldn't have blown him off. I was just upset. I needed a day or two to cool down. We haven't really talked in a month.. I'm not really sure what to say to him.


The only reason why I thought he was playing games because he went out of his way to remove me from his Snapchat list (he didn't delete me altogether). He's on there all the time cause I looked to see if he deleted me and he didn't. I know it's just something stupid like Snapchat but still... he used to send me stuff daily. I don't want things to be over for us. I just needed time to cool down.

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