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Should I Humbly Decline Offer..???

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I’m currently being considered by general manager (gm) for a position that I would rather decline to accept due to a few reasons. I don’t want to come off as feeling entitled, but I have serious concerns about the way they go about doing things around here. I’ve been at this company for a year now and two months into my arrival the front office manager (fom) was highly impressed with my work ethic, flexibility, and was confident in my ability to perform well. Therefore, he sought after me for a position that he felt I would be a right fit for but then about a month later he was relieved of his duties for other reasons.


The available positions were then offered to two other employees (Jay & Ty) by the general manager that had been with the company for some time and they accepted. I wasn’t considered for the position by the gm at all following the dismissal of the fom. Ty expressed to me that she was surprised that I wasn’t the one offered the position and that Jay was instead. My response was well you guys have been here longer than I have therefore it’s fair that the decision was made in that manner. Mind you I have way more experience and I was flexible as I had stated previously but I continued working for the company and wasn’t upset at anyone. I mean I had no reasons to be in the first place.


The position I’m currently being considered for following Jay & Ty’s promotion was then handed down to another coworker (June) who had also been with the company longer than myself. Three or four months go by we get a new employee (Tay) and by this time June is leaving the company. The position is immediately offered to Tay during this time I would say he was only two weeks in when this occurred. That’s when I began to realize that Jay and the gm had history, previously worked together. Tay and gm had mutual friends and I was stunned by the fact that I assumed all along that longevity played a part in gm’s decision. I’m shocked to say the least because I’ve been training Jay & Ty following their promotions on the basics of the job repeatedly almost daily on things they just didn’t care enough to grasp.


My new fom manager has been on the job four months and following her first month here she had a discussion with me about the fact that she felt there were incompetent staff in positions that they failed to perform at and she was going to make a change and was considering me. Although I had my doubts I still entertained the idea. Simply because how do you inform the person in charge of you landing the job as fom that the staff he’s put in place are incompetent for their positions? Well four months go by no changes made yet recently she informed me that she proposed to the gm that she was considering promoting me and that they were working on a budget for the position…blah blah blah.


Tay recently put in his resignation and I received an email from gm offering me the position that Tay was occupying. At this point I just feel like I’m somewhat the last resort since they haven’t hired anyone new recently and I would like to just kindly reply, f%$& U & YOUR OFFER, in nice BOLD LETTERS!!! Lol

Should I inform fom manager that I’m being consider for this position which is not the position discussed because there’s no pay raise that comes with this just added responsibilities? Should I humbly decline? What are my options?

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Sounds like the company is screwed up. Just what does this company do? Sounds like chaos in the office.


I wouldn't tell anyone anything at this point because the FOM could wreck your chances for the position the GM is considering you for to keep you for himself. It's happened before. And the GM hasn't made a definite decision yet. Plus, if the GM announces his decision, the FOM won't be able to do anything about it. And you can just say that you heard something about a promotion, but didn't know if you would get it.

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I would see if there is possibly onboarding or training for the higher up position. Also, see of there are perhaps any mentors. I think most higher up positions require you to take a big leap (at least where I work).


My best advice is if you want to succeed at something, especially if you have little experience --> find someone who is already successful in the area you are interested in, find their strategy, replicate their strategy and get similar results.

I also think it is pretty common (at least for the company I work) that they find people who have motivation and the potential to succeed and bring something new. All of my higher up's management had no experience at all in what we do and were brought in fresh from elsewhere. Basically, the lower tenured associates had to train them. However, for some strange reason it seems to work and after a year or so, those now new higher up managers are really making big changes....


Even my boss asked me to launch a project and perhaps a team and make changes throughout Europe in an area i know nothing about or have experience. However, I just had to think.....Who has done something similar and was really great at it? Is there a way to reach them and learn how they did it so that I can implement it?



You could always say that although you have no experience yet, you are willing to try your best and go from there.....

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