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Women Initiating When Really Into A Guy


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I disagree with you both. I don't think it's complicated unless you make it complicated. Issues and baggage that's a person making it hard. I'm guilty of doing that myself so I'm not saying I'm innocent Im saying we as humans make it hard. Ego, insecurity, lack of interest, agendas. We take something natural and make it unnatural.


I also want to respectfully point out you both on multiple occasions have told posters including me that you never bring your issues into new relationships, that you start fresh and don't 'punish' new people for the sins of your exes, now it's completely different? By your own admissions people make it complicated. It's not naturally complicated. Phrases like 'we just clicked' wouldn't exist if it never happened guys, come on.


Many many many have stated on this site, ' when it's right, it's not this hard' I think that's true.


I have never said that I never bring my own issues into my relationships, where do you get this stuff? I may be arrogant at times, but not "that" arrogant.


I have advised it's not wise to do so, and it's always best to start fresh, which I try to do as well, but hell I am guilty of bringing my own **** into relationships just as much as the next person.


Which I have admitted many many times on this forum. Even on this thread!


No disrespect, but would appreciate if you would correctly state what others post and not interject your own spin to prove a point. I suspect this is why thealchemist stopped posting.


As j.man so eloquently posted earlier, you are "swimming in hyperbole." Exaggerating things people say, and it's not the first time I have seen this.


I am not perfect, my advice isn't perfect, I contradict myself a lot and am essentially full of crap on these forums.


Take my **** with a grain of salt and everyone will be a lot happier.


Carry on if you like, I am out.


Have a nice day.

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Apologies if I misread your previous responses. You'll notice I edited my original response because I did not want it to come off as confrontational and cause the response that it did anyway.


Thanks no worries, I've done same so understand.


That said, this thread has gone seriously off topic so requested it be closed.


New guy and I had a great time Friday night, am actually off to meet him now in Gaslamp for drinks and bite to eat.


I initiated!

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