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Lost the love of my life


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I'm [20/m] and from New York. I met a girl when i was a sophomore in college by a stroke of luck. I had seen her before on campus and I was instantly infatuated with her. Somehow we randomly got set up for a date party and things hit off. We kept talking and three months later I asked her to be my girlfriend. She fit my perception of a woman perfectly. She is gorgeous, personable, and loving. We had the most remarkable next four months together. We spent all of our time with each other and it played out like a cheesy romantic movie. The magic I felt with her was unexplainable. I had never felt anything like it before. I was madly in love and I was her first love. We were so intimate with one another and I could tell her anything and everything. Come summer, and she goes abroad for a school trip. For a month, and a six hour time difference we maintained contact as much as she could. A group of older guys were constantly trying to hit on her throughout the trip. She would tell me everything and I became a extremely jealous. For a month I let my insecurities get control of me but she kept saying that I was the one she wanted to be with. I visited her after she came back from abroad and I was an emotionally charged wreck. I initiated the breakup because of what I put myself through personally by overthinking things. She agreed that it was mutual and that we both probably needed a break but she had hopes of us getting back together. School started and I drunkenly told her how much I regret the decision but nothing over the top. I stepped back for a month to give myself some time to think things through and to approach things with a proper mindset. She texted me a few times during then. Now, approaching the two month mark of our separation, I have found out that shes been going on dates with another guy. I dont know what to do. This girl, I thought, was the one and I'm still so head over heals for her. I want to reach out/ maybe apologize for how I reacted to things but I dont want to intrude on a new relationship she may be engaging in. I'm not sure if this is a sign that shes quickly moved on or what

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From what you've written, you're kind of the Crazy Ex-Boyfriend now. You weren't ready to handle a deep relationship. You tore yourself apart for no reason. And now you've lost her. You need to learn from this relationship and move on. I hope you will be under better control for your next relationship.

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She was the love of your life after 4 months? But you couldn't deal with the fact that she was being hit on by other guys, even though she was telling you everything, so you had a melt down and broke up with her. Now you are all stressing out because someone else asked her out?


Dude, you had your chance and messed it up. She may have been the 'love of your life', but I don't think you were the love of hers. Find yourself another girlfriend and perhaps be a little more trusting of her.

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This doesn't sound like the healthiest relationship.


She has moved on because she lost that emotional connection and interest in you, I'm afraid. It is draining to constantly have to assure someone to try to soothe their insecurities, and it often kills attraction. Thus, she is seeing someone else now.


I think you would be better to learn from this so you can be a better partner to another girl in the future. Start fresh.

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