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Help me please any advice!

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My father passed away this year April 2017. I Lost my grandmother January 2017. All of this happening was a very painful blow for my mother who lost her mother and husband. My Mother have been in the house for 6 months because of problems with her walking ability. She has type 2 Diabetes. My sister, with her three children are being supported financially by my mother. I understand my sister struggles and obstacles as a single mom. The problem i have is that my mother have to pay my sister utilities and other finances. My mother have to take care of my sister bills and her own bills. It has been very difficult. Me and my mother get into explosive arguments daily about bills. things are very dire on the homefront but yet my mother is trying to pay her bills and her own. My mother and sister have made these financial arrangements, because paying bills in two house hold gets really expensive and effects our livelyhood .I have been looking for a job but it has been very diffficult..im still trying. Im in a rural area . its so much more to this story. What would you do.

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