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Should I contact him again?


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I contacted an ex through face book last Monday, he hadn't replied to my attempts to contact him in the couple of weeks after he dumped me (which is just over a month ago now). He did reply to my Monday message, which I have to admit I had a couple of wines and suggested a hook up as this was in response to a post he made on face book (not the wisest thing to do, I know). He replied nearly 2 days later with Thanks but I don't think that would be a good idea, I replied with Thanks I appreciate that, not my best work I know, he said that's cool I imagine a couple of wines were involved, I said yes, he replied all good. I haven't responded to that last message, but I wanted to, I wanted to say Hey, I didn't expect a response at all, but I am glad that you did.

Yes I still want him back.

Why would he bother to reply at all, I do not know, maybe he is just being friendly.

Am I fool to contact him again?

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Yes, you're fool to contact him. And yes, he's fooling you through the replies he's giving you.

Stay on NC. Try to have control over you. If he's interested in you, he'll come back, if not, then you've your answer.

Focus on your growth and healing. Look forward and learn from the suffering.

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