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I want to know how to act on the date


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So about a week ago I met a girl in my apartment complex and we hung out with some other people in the complex. the next day, she goes out to the bars but comes back because she said she didn't like being out and wanted to hangout. after that we basically hit it off the next couple of days. it was very flirty, but the problem was we were always with friends. we were finally alone for a brief time watching netflix while my roomate was gone on the third day and i was about to put my arm around her because she was sitting close but my roommate just walked in , so i didn't try it. later that night when my roommate went to bed, i asked if she would like to go out in about 5 days and that i'll take her to a movie and dinner. she agreed and was very excited. she left after that because it was late. I probably could've tried to pull a move but i wanted to take it slow. So the pretty much every day up until the date we have been hanging out. I suggested going to a drive in and she loved the idea. but it seems like since that night i asked her out she has been less interested. when i sit next to her on the couch she sorta moves away and isn't nearly as flirty or texty as before. so tonight we hung out again (the night before the date) i asked if we were still on for tomorrow and she said yeah but that she wants to get food and bring it to the movie instead. she also didn't seem very enthusiastic about it. i gave her the option to do a regular movie but she said a drive in was cool. (our plan was to sit in the back seat of my truck with a mattress and basically lay in bed and watch it). So even though she hasn't been as flirty and she has seemed distant , she still wants to go on the date and continues to come over to hangout.


Last night (2 nights before date) we hung out and she seemed SUPER distant and brought back the sandals she borrowed from me and didn't seem to even want to hangout even tho she was still there. So i am so freaking confused on how to read this girl... at this point i think she is going along with the date to be nice but i gave her the option to just do a more casual movie (we both wanted to see IT) but she was cool with drive in.


I may be over thinking the whole thing and I guess we will know tomorrow when the date happens but I just want to know how i should act. since we have hung out everyday recently we know each other pretty decently . I am just so into this girl and i do not want to screw it up. I may be overthinking it all, it just confuses me because if she does end up rejecting me tomorrow i'll still be seeing her daily because we live so close.


sorry for long post. this is first time. send help

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I suggest just taking it slowly. Don't set the goal as getting the girl, but as finding out if she is interested in dating. Definitely don't pull any moves on this date unless it is just so plain obvious that is what she wants.


It's hard to say if she is nervous at the idea of being on the 'bed in the back of your truck' for a first date, as you gave her the option to go a different way. But, she might have had a few that first night and was a little more friendly from that.


Also, she lives in your complex so if things go wrong, you have to live with the uncomfortable situations during hangouts.

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Are you at a dorm at university? This is what it sounds like. I really don't know any other time in life where people from the same apartment complex all kind of know each other and roommates, etc.


5 days away for a date is kind of a long time (when you see each other every day) and it is kind of awkward that you've had a chance to make a move but didn't. Then, I'm 100% sure that she told her friends about the date (and the drive in which is kind of a hookup spot). I would not at all be surprised if her friends teased her (in a friendly way as friends do) about it. She's probably super nervous.


The fact that you gave her an "out" for the drive in (and offered a regular movie instead) but she didn't take you up on it is super promising.


I would venture to say she is nervous but not unintereted.


I think it would be wise to try to take some of the sexual pressure off if you can - but I wouldn't go so far as saying you shouldn't try to get closer at all.


I think you'll both be awkward and kind of nervous (a drive- in is somewhat intimate). Just respect her boundaries as you normally would, don't be too pushy and enjoy your date. I'm sure it will be fine.

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Do you hug each other when you greet and depart? I agree 5 days is a long time to see the person everyday in-between and that is probably where you are getting this vibe from her.


This can be tricky but just be yourself. Be funny and a LITTLE cocky and have fun when you are out. Pick her up at her door and give her a nice warm hug when you greet her and see how she responds. Tell her how nice she smells and that she looks great but don't go over the top with compliments.


Since you will be in the back of a truck you will be sitting very close so put your arm around her if it feels right. If you two start kissing don't go any farther than that and watch where your hands go, you don't want to ruin this by moving to fast physically. If there is no kissing while on the date you really want to lean in for a kiss goodbye. After all you have hung out with her several days in a row and she may be wondering how much you are into her.



Try and relax and have fun. It is a scary movies so she just might hide her face in your chest


Let us know how it goes


Good luck


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At least you know.


Next time make a move sooner and set a date with just a few days in-between the asking and the going out.


Be sure to go silent on her and act aloof around her. You don't want more friends, you want a gf.


Who knows if you stop being mr nice guy towards her she might take notice again. Either way move on.




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