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Wax burn accident

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Past saturday i overheated the wax in microwave and since wax was close to the plastic bottom it melted and left a small whole in the plastic container...it dropped on my right foot above my ankle and melted my skin but it did not hurt too bad but looks ugly...i got it checked out next day at the clinic and they putted some cream antibiotic on it and a bandaid on my burn...they said its not infected though.Its hurts now though when get out the bad in the morning and step on it...i called in today at work....My thing is should i just rest today or walk around my foot to get better ? I could do without crutches since i work in office...advices ??

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Just continue life as normal, if you sit around and rest it, it's just going to stiffen up. Keep it covered to protect it from infection, wash it every day with soap and water. Just get a washcloth really wet and soapy and wring it out over the burn, rinse it off, and let it air dry. Change the dressing every day. Once the top layer of skin is closed or scanned, you can start leaving it uncovered.

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Good circulation speeds all healing so if you can try and go about your normal life it will probably help. If swelling occurs from being on your feet to much then scale back your activity level. Infection is your biggest concern as the skin heals so be careful to keep the areas clean and dry.


It will hurt for a while until the nerve endings begin to heal but you should be fine. Follow the instructions from the clinic and take an over the counter pain medication and you should be feeling better in a few days. It will take some time for the skin to heal though.



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Lavender essential oil, which you can apply undiluted to the burn, will really help with the healing process too - it will speed things up and help to minimise scarring.


Aromatherapy as a form of treatment actually started because someone in a perfume factory got badly burned and plunged their hand into the nearest container of fluid, which happened to be full of lavender essential oil - and everyone was amazed at how well the burn healed. That was when they started looking at the therapeutic qualities of the oils, as well as their scents.


(Interesting fact of the day).


Good luck, and mend well!

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