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  1. Bless your heart!! I wish a hug would make it better !! But i know its time that will make u stronger!! I wish i can say or do something to make it go away !! Time will though !!
  2. He needs me...that woman really messed him up...its a lot more to the story.And no he was not married at that time any longer
  3. Court ordered....never abusive with me.due to his divorce before
  4. And i do know that a relationship that lacks sex and intimacy cannt go forever...if it is the depression i can wait until he finishes his anger management treatment....in next couple of months...I just want to try other options before giving up on relationship....he thinks i should not say anything and he thinks when i ask for intimacy that i am y and gets really upset
  5. I mean..how do u put in words ? It never happened to me where the man had no desire for me...we started to drift apart...
  6. Nope...i did not...i did not go meet my ex either...i am just trying to keep peace at my place...i am working hard for a promotion at my job for management...and i do not want to break down emotionally...I am also considering going back to my home country place for couple of weeks...and when i m back we shall see
  7. I feell that i am not my guys type physically ...its how i feell.I am a pretty girl medium size but i am quite fit on the slim side...and i noticed he likes big bone heavy women tall thick ...i cannt prove it...but this is how i feell.I just cannt be like that because i am not built like that...just feell this way.Could that be a reason why he does not sleep with me ?
  8. I am so sorry and its all i can say....i know at the end it will be alright
  9. I still believe in him...i just get hate to think he has done something like that ...i know we both need to go counseling
  10. No...i just need to think clear the things.Everyone on this site thinks he is cheating even though i still believe in him
  11. My old ex lets say....we ended after we aborted our baby...that was years a go...its someone i was deeply in love as well at one point.But thats a different story....why would coffee mean sex...maybe...who knows
  12. Not sure...i would like to work things out with my boyfriend...I did not intend to sleep around just because he might have...just wanted someone to talk to .discreet....i dont know why i called him
  13. So i messaged lets say an old ex...we were not formal but very intense at one point few years back...I invited him for coffee...and he thinks my boyfriend would be upset ...Me and my guy are going through a rough time...My old ex said,,I dont know what to think.Have you even thought that we gonna end up in bed together ? Why would he say that ??
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