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I am scared I may cheat on my boyfriend


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I have been with my boyfriend for nearly ten months and I feel like I am in love with him, we have planned our lives together and it seems perfect.


However I will be going to university next year and I am worried I may be attracted towards other boys and act on it.He is my first boyfriend ever and I lost my virginity to him so I wasn't sure if I am just curious what it is like with other people, whereas he is a few years older than me and has had relationships

throughout his life including sleeping with over 20 girls,


when I have been out in town drinking and my boyfriend is not there other boys flirt with me and I feel very tempted to flirt back however I would never do anything with anyone during our relationship.


I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with a similar situation and can give my there advice or opinion on whether or not I should stay with him as I only feel this way if I don't see him for a week or so. But I don't want to hurt him if I go to university and cheat on him, however when I am in his company I couldn't feel more in love. Sorry if I sound like a horrible person..



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You aren't a horrible person. You just aren't ready for a long term committed relationship. That's normal and healthy at your age. You want to explore because you need to explore. You know that future you planned with this guy? Those are the plans of someone who is still rapidly changing. In a year? In five years? you will be a different person with different plans.


That doesn't mean you don't love him. And it sucks to hurt people you love. But in the long run it's kinder. You aren't ready. You can't be fully in this relationship if you aren't ready for it. Love isn't the thing that makes relationships work. Commitment, communication and collaboration are all more important than love. Love is just the part that makes us want to try.

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