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Like everyone .. I need help. Or support or ... I dunno!:')


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Ill try n be brief(ish). So me and my gf hav been together for 2 years. We moved in together quite quickly and she moved from london to live with me.


She gets easily stressed out. She gets very snappy and can be very dramatic and hard to be around. At same time i can be annoying and end up setting her off and making things worse.


We semi broke up a little while ago. The drama was too much for me and i was starting to look elsewhere for female attention, i felt terrible about this. We patched things up but i still know things arent 100%


She defo has anxiety n depression issues, she saw a therapist which helped a bit but money stops her going now. She feels trapped and that shes missing out on life because she has to work and pay bills instead of living at her parents and being able to go out all the time.


I feel like things are getting bad again and I just feel horrible about things right now. Should we just break up? Stop driving eachother crazy?


Any advice ?

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Should we just break up? Stop driving each other crazy?


Nobody else can tell you what you want to do. Have you discussed the fact that you've moved in together prematurely, and that maybe you can try going back to dating while she lives with her parents instead of living together? This would allow her to mature at her own pace without the pressures of maintaining a household.


You're the only one who knows whether you love GF enough to want to negotiate that kind of change. You could attempt it, see where it leads the two of you, and if it doesn't work out, it will be easier to end the relationship when she's not living with you.

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