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Writing a letter to my abusive EX .


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My previous topic was "Slapped by him".

Until now it has been nearly a week .

I felt like I have a lot of anger and I wish to write it out to him to express how angry and how disappointed and how hurt I am . Should I really not contact him anymore ? I'm not trying to patch back or anything . I just can't feel any better about it after ending it this way . The pain won't go away .

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You can write out as many letters as you like. DO.NOT.SEND.THEM. Do not contact ever !!!!!!!!! You're not going to get closure you're not going to get a sorry don't bother . Write the letters for cathartic reasons nothing else . The minute you contact him your life will be back in to bat sh.. crazy . Don't bother .

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We all advised you to stay away from him. This means no letter writing. He will not care!


Some making excuses for contact, and seek some counseling.


He has been manipulative, controlling and abusive for your entire relationship. Your friends think he is a psychopath and you know that he is dangerous.

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Exactly..the unfortunate thing with abusers is they don't think they are wrong and he will still feel you deserved it and will not feel bad. You will be wasting your time.


Best thing you can do is walk away for good and not ever bother with that jerk ever again.

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