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What next?

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So the 30 plus days of NC was broken by a skype call from my ex's daughter. I hadn't spoken to her in months so I couldn't refuse and it was nice to see and hear her.

After that I exchanged texts with my ex for a bit.. it's impossible not to read into text in these situations but i guess it was nuteral for the most part. However the conversation led to one of the issues we had and I apologized to which she replied thanks for the apology but it doesn't matter at this point. I then ended the conversation. Maybe I'm reading too much into that? Hard to understand with only text.

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I guess my question is.. what do I do next? I'd like to rekindle things but im wary of further rejection. she clearly has some feelings or she would just let me disappear. This is the third or fourth month in a row that NC she broke NC but I'd like to start moving something forward.

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Maybe she just likes to get you out the toybox to have a play with now and then? Or maybe she feels duty bound to check that you're ok? Only she can answer why she does what she does and even then what she says isn't guaranteed to be the truth - but short of administering her with some Truth Serum and and hooking her to a lie detector I think that's the best you can hope for i'm afraid.


I'm not qualified to give advice though Tom and i'm here for the similar reasons as you. Whether right or wrong all I can say is what I think i'd do and that would be to ask her.


You aren't going to get your answers by second guessing or from anybody else who doesnt know you both (like me). It has to come from her.

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She said she couldn't handle a relationship but that she wasn't seeing anyone and that she would get off the dating apps. But things went right back to where they had been so I went nc.

And it is possible.. she's 4 and liked to complain about me but we usually got along very well.

She also has "liked" a few things which hadn't happened in a long time.

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