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Brother of account holder.


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Hello all first of let me just give you an update on our romance lives. My brother is single and sadly so i am i please note that my brother is actually 20 not 23 he said 23 by accident and was to scared to correct himself.

My ex and i met exactly 1 year ago we became friends due to common interests however we quickly grew to be more than that. Eventually after a perfect start i was getting to clingy i wanted to spend most of my time with her, the sad part was that i wanted more and more time with her. She said she needed some time away so i got worried and hurt. Clinging continuously, to her when as i have now realized all she needed was some space. She broke up with me about a week ago and i avoided talking to her. I have many worries, firstly what if she finds someone else and i lose her forever or what if she does not want to get back together or what if she treats this situation badly. We had a very good relationship until i became to clingy and i want to show her that i have changed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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