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Housing issues


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I have been very lucky as my parents have bought me a beautiful house in a lovely area. They want to give me a gift of lifetime security so I will always have a place to stay with no mortgage.

I am in love with my fiance of 4 years but I have a fear if we got married I could loose this gift. I love him and would like to marry him. He has bought a quarter share of a flat for his security. He gets the keys next week. Am I wrong for feeling this way? I could put a pronuteral agreement to help protect my house. I have no intentions of asking him to leave unless he was to be unfaithful or violent to me. I am very loyal, and believe things can be fixed before thrown away. He said he wouldn't entertain any kind of agreement. I'm so confused..... please let me know your views

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Just flagging up Wiseman's reply to you on your other thread regarding this issue.


"Your property and assets should be in trusts with family members. This is so shaky and likely to divorce it would be a good idea to get ready for that now. Prenuptial agreements are not as bullet proof as good trusts.. Also what about letting your daughter live with her real father so she is not subjected to this guy and your inevitable divorce."


It would be most advisable to consult a lawyer on this matter as s/he will be in the best position to recommend the best protective mechanism for your property.

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Keep the house in your parents name so he can't touch it. It's really that simple. Also it's not a marital asset so what's your paranoia about? You seem very uninformed of laws and marriage. And very unprepared for marriage.


What's more disturbing is your gross distrust of his motives and your certainty of divorce and a battle over assets. Why is that?

I have a fear if we got married I could loose this gift. I love him and would like to marry him.
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