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Hi guys,


I've been with my partner for 5 years, lived with him for 4 years.

I am very young. 23.

But I've talked about kids and marriage with my partner and he says he wants both.

I've told him I want to be married before having kids, and he really wants to start a family in the next couple years.

I also want to start a family but I want to stick with my principle of being married first.


He tells me he has no plans to propose any time soon, but still wants kids.


I don't want to be forced into having kids without the commitment of marriage, but I also don't want him to marry me because I'm forcing him too.


Am I being to demanding and pushy? Which is what he says?


P.s there is no immediate pressure to have kids so I'm probably over reacting.

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Why not communicate to your family that you are not ready for marriage/kids just yet, he hasn't proposed and isn't even sure he wants marriage?


Why transfer the stress and pressure on to him if it's causing chronic arguments?


What's their rush? Do they disapprove of living together? Want grandchildren asap? Need to "marry you off"?

I think we only talk about it because other people like family ask us and put pressure mainly on me and we don't have a plan or response.
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