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Tip on housekeeping

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Elbow grease.


Coming from the Army, we were held to a pretty ridiculous standard of cleaning during training. A lot's stuck to me today. Working smart and not hard will get you pretty far, but a grimy corner is a grimy corner. Put your shoulder into it and move onto the next. It's definitely not easy work, but it's doable.


Practice the things you can at home, even if just making the bed quickly.


I'd echo Fudgie's suggestion of asking your fellow coworkers what's best to work on for speed. Do you speak Spanish? Is there a language barrier?

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i used to clean houses part-time and the frustrating thing i found was that cleaning involves...making a mess. so i resorted to common sense by deciding to first do the things that'll make a mess which i am going to clean up as i go. the messiest in my experience are mattresses, duvets, heavy curtains, blinds and similar stuff- as you move them to clean dust goes everywhere so never ever wipe down surfaces before you've raised dust or you'll have to wipe again.


if there were any rugs i'd usually take them to the hallway/wardrobe (not the common area outside the room so as to not block the passage) and leave them there until i was done with the rooms. then i'd vacuum/steam the rugs in the hallway, take them back into the rooms and wipe down the hallway behind me. again, so that i don't trip over and get dirt on the freshly cleaned rugs before i'm done.


i know it sounds obvious but i had to re-dust, wipe and re-wipe until i learned to single out the mess-making items.


depending on what kind of cleaning agents you use you can also let some products work (like in the bathroom) while you clean the rest and by the time you're done the bathroom shouldn't take too much scrubbing.


some places have a preferred routine so do ask the staff.


is there a particular step you find time-consuming? do you clean rooms or other areas as well?


are google searches helpful?



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No doubt someone showed you already the process in which to go. Everyone starts off slow, you do get faster with time and with gaining confidence.

I'm not sure what more specifics I can give you as everyone finds their own little tricks and time savers along the way. But most of it is repetition and gaining speed along the way.

This is not an easy job and takes someone who is in very good shape. Well done if you are managing.

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I worked in housekeeping for a large hotel when I was a student. (Many, many moons ago,)


Always check the room before leaving. Finish with looking under the beds, drawers and behind doors etc...


Speed comes with practise ☺


We always did the beds first, then bathrooms, then dust/wiping... Did they give you any tips or a buddy to start? Do you have a check list?


Congrats on the job too 😊

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