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Punishment and withholding...


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My boyfriend/fiancée and I have been together for about a year. He takes things away from me like events and trips and punishes me like a child. He has anger problems that spiral out of control. Then I will get everything taken away from me for no reason. He says actions have consequences and that he will follow through and take everything from me, even if I've done nothing wrong. Help?! He refuses to communicate and when I try to talk he just calls me crazy and won't help find constructive ways to fix his anger.

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Way too vague. How does he take trips away from you if you're paying from them? If you two are having argument enough where he doesn't want to take a trip he's paid to go on, that's fair enough from his side. But if you've paid for your end of things, I'd just call him on his **** and go on the trip without him.


Other than that, not much to summize from 4 lines of details.

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