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why did he kiss someone else?


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I met a guy 3 weeks ago he approached me we got along exchanged numbers but I left early as I didn't feel like staying too long out. We kept messaging but sth was odd he always needed longer to respond etc. we went out on a first day and got along super well . At the end he drove me home and kissed me . It was so passionate that we had to stop and I went home ( alone ) as we both discussed to pursue something more serious and not a one night stand. Surprisingly I didn't hear from him for a week till he msgd and said he was sorry. Busy with work and he will make up for it and what I am up for the weekend .


He didn't ask me out. I bumped into him the weekend and he was quite nice but I had to go to another place to which he said he will follow . I saw him later that night in the bathroom where he hugged me asking where I have been I said sorry we have a birthday i am at the table all night . Suddenly he kisses me . Then we stopped and he said i ll see u upstairs I said no I will leave just call me .


When I went to get my coat I decided to go and say proper bye where I saw him kissing another girl . I decided to acknowledge it and stood there looking . He was talking to her after and saw me suddenly he wasn't sure if I was there longer or not .


I left and I am not angry just surprised. Is he not interested or just shelving some dolls ?

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