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did i say the wrong thing? confused


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I really have been dating with a girl and 3 days back was the first time we spend time at my place.

We were having a good time launging and playing around and i had music playing in the background.

Couple of days back she was talking about a song she really loved but did not know the name.

Because i had the radio on, at a certain moment the song she was talking about started playing.

It was a really beautiful moment and we were lying in each other arms and we also spend the night together.

But the next day she had to go for a couple of days to spend time with family she had not seen in a long time.

Because she still did not know the name of the song i found it on YouTube.

So i send it to her using whatsapp. Now here is were everything goes wrong......


this is what i text her:


first text: link to song on YouTube -> John Legend - Love Me Now (Lyric Video)


second text: : )


her respons: emoticon that gives a kiss with a heart


my respons: The perfect anwser (emoticon that gives a kiss with a heart)


her respons: emoticon thats blushing


You may think whats the problem. The problem is my respons "The perfect anwser" it makes me feel sick to my stomach.

I have the feeling i messed everything up not only for her but for myself.

Everything i felt for her has been tainted with someting disgusting.

Saying The perfect anwser sounds creepy and sick considering the context and images of the song.

Maybe if it were a different song with a different message it will be ok.



please help! I really care about her. And i feel i just destroyed something really beautiful just because of 1 stupid text message

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Is she still in high school? Why would it upset her? Ask her on a date see if she responds/accepts. Then just forget about whatever misunderstanding there may have been. Learn to be more tech savvy and not botch a simple thing like sending a youtube video.

maybe because my anwser was based more on sex and the video was more about caring and love...

thats why it doesn't feel right

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