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Says she's done and communication is not wanted


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Okay so I'll try to get this as good as possible. So me and my ex dated for about 3 months. We had our squabbles. Like any normal relationship. We fell in love and she said she wouldn't say it if she didn't mean it and said it daily to eachother. Sometimes I had a hard time expressing my feelings and sometimes I didn't always tell her when I made it home. This made her think I was a and disrespectful. I never cheated on her, verbally abused her, or anything. I always went and spent every weekend with her, texted her back as soon as I could and tried to do everything she wanted to do. One weekend we just kinda split. She said it seemed like I didn't really care because I didn't always show my emotion. Well a week and a half two weeks goes by and I text her saying you know I'm sorry I don't want to give us up I love you ect. She said she needed time to process. And she was disappointed in me. She had started talking to someone else. Well I say and waited. Things didn't work out between her and that guy so she decided to text me about a week after they stopped. Said we could talk to see if we could fix things. I agreed. I tried to come see her but she wouldn't allow it because she said she was always busy. School work and a internship. So I understood and continued to just be patient. We talk a little each day. Barely at all really. But just little something back and forth like have a good day and ect. Never really a full conversation except a few times. Well about week two she says I love you. Of course I say it back. We continue the routine of talking just a little everyday. Sometimes not at all a few days. Again busy studying for finals and what not. Well then finals are over and she goes on vacation. This whole time I haven't felt like she was trying or really actually cared. Well since I felt like she didn't try I pushed and pushed this whole time we decided to talk. I overwhelmed her. Eventually she told me she wanted space. I texted her the next day just to apologize for how I was acting. She said I was just about to text you and have a good day I love you. Well then she doesn't talk to me. I say something and she goes just because we talked for a day didn't mean I changed my mind about needing space. And I tried to let her be but it was hard I wouldn't text her all day but everyday I would just try to show I care. And then she finally goes why do you keep texting me if I don't reply I just said it's hard to just let go of someone you truly love. she goes I said I wanted space. So I said I'll respect you and give you space. I waited 5 days or so and just harmlessly said hey not try to spark a conversation or bug you but just wanted to say hope all is well since I was thinking of you. She goes thanks for the kind gesture but we don't need to be communicating. I go so are you done? She goes uh yes. I think I've made that very clear. I asked why she just said she had enough and to leave her alone. Told her I respect her decision and I didn't want to give her up so easily but it's what she wants. Basically I had waited for 3 1/2 months. Only to be shot down. I am always plagued with the what did I do wrong. Where did I go wrong. Ect. I am working on myself I go to school work full time. Trying to buy my first house. Sad thing is she won't know any of this because she's from a hour away and we don't have any mutual friends. And I don't have social media. I often sit and wonder if she thinks about me. If she said what she said out of anger or if she's truly just done. Right now I can't picture being with anyone else nor do I really have the desire. It hurts but after being ignored and kinda just feel like someone doesn't care it's not as bad. But it still hurts that someone says they love you then just walked away and didn't say anything. She's a good woman deep down I just don't know what's gotten into her. I'm just assuming there's someone else but I don't know. Her happiness is what matters to me and if she's happy I'm happy. But I guess my question to everyone is do you think that maybe letting go of someone that truly cares about her is something she will regret? Or that maybe she'll reach out to me again. I'm not going to bother her anymore and I'm just gonna worry about myself and do what I want. I don't need her but I want her. Sorry for the novel guys. Getting things off your chest can be a lengthy process it seems lol.

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Im kind of in the same predicament. He also told me to leave him alone. Im day 12 of NC. I feel for you and understand you. I don't think they are thinking of us because they have asked for us to leave them alone. You gotta do what i am. Never contact them again, work on yourself and let the right one find us. Mine never fought for me at all.

Its damn hard. For 2 months I've been in the twilight zone until i decided to do NC.

I'm with you. Keep strong.

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But, you were only happy for half of the relationship. The rest was dramatic.


You are not compatible. Look for someone who is not so demanding and controlling. I'm sorry, but she sounds very difficult.


I would also address why you would want to return to this type of personality. I can't understand what attracts you to so much conflict!

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"But I guess my question to everyone is do you think that maybe letting go of someone that truly cares about her is something she will regret? Or that maybe she'll reach out to me again. I'm not going to bother her anymore and I'm just gonna worry about myself and do what I want. I don't need her but I want her"


Truly caring about someone means not letting them go. If she truly loved you and felt that you two should be together then why would she constantly request space and neglect your efforts of showing that you care? It sounds like she's moved on and you should do the same. I know accepting it at first is hard, but you have to.


Definitely do not text her! Even if it's her birthday, holiday, whatever it is, don't text her. She seems annoyed whenever you do intimate contact, and just for your own sake take her out of your sight. Hide her fb posts or delete her, delete photos, texts, whatever it is.


As for "will she reach out again?" "Will she regret it?" Maybe. Maybe not. We're a bunch of strangers on some love forum giving advice. Not psychics. It's not something you should ponder on.


Focus on moving on and doing better things for yourself. Go to the gym and get sexy! Go out and make some new friends. When you're ready of course... give yourself some time to grieve if needed.


Find new hobbies and things to look forward to. Have a guy's night! Have fun! You're single! Enjoy it.

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I agree with Holly . Reading your post was like reading about an established relationship that has been on the go for a couple of years not 3 months . I would be embarrassed to carry on the way she did after only 3 months , calling you out on you not expressing your love etc etc ... This is all way way too much .


At 3 months people are getting to that place of falling for each other , you two seemed to have skipped everything else . Also she then went straight onto someone else ..this is not love and I think her drama is exactly that ...drama ..

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this was so lackluster and meh from the start, it frustrated you both. people have more fire and cooperation with acquaintances than that.


it's just not a match. why would you go back to something so annoying that it makes you both feel unsatisfied.


get someone who excites you, and you them.

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She sounds like a drama magnet who can't make up her mind what she wants. Personally, I think you're better off without her. The relationship sounds messy.


You deserve better than to be someone's "back up plan". I say cut all ties, keep with NC, and try to move on.

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I'd say first off after dating for 3 months there shouldn't really be fighting ....I mean that's a little soon no? I dating ppl for a year and never fought with them.

But it seems like there is a lot of drama so soon.


Kinda sounds like a situation I know of. If you fall in love fast and everything on an emotional scale runs fast. ..that is lust. . Lust comes in fast and leave's just as quick. Love takes time to appreciate and doesn't just end so quickly.

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Sorry to hear this. It sounds like she's into short term and casual dating. Unfortunately she's friendzoned you, not gotten back together... and is stringing you along.


It would be best to stop pursuing any of this since she has repeatedly rejected you, told you off and ignored you.


Pull your confidence and self respect together and go no contact and delete and block her from everything. That will help you heal, get over her and move forward to someone better than this.

dated for about 3 months. she told me she wanted space. then she finally goes why do you keep texting me if I don't reply
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It's only a matter of time, as this is a real mess. If you insist on reconciling, then at least get couples counseling.


Matter of time before what? And Well that won't happen as to she told me not to contact her and she's done. I'm just trying to get closure. She's going to do whatever she wants and you can't make someone be with you. I learned the hard way. I guess since I've never done anything horribly wrong it hurts because she just gave up so easy. I just hope whoever she ends up with treats her good because I don't want her to regret the choice she made. I don't want to go through it and I don't want her to go through it.

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And we both had relationships in the past. Where we were both screwed over pretty good. Even after everything I don't have and hard feelings and I just want the best for her. I want her but I don't need her. If I'm not what she desires so be it. I know what I feel isn't luster. I've felt luster. This isn't that. But I'll pick up the pieces and move on. I just hope one day she doesn't feel like she made a mistake.

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